Saturday, 2 January 2016

2015 review and 2016 objectives

Overall 2015 was a pretty successful year for me doing hobby related activities.

I have managed to paint at least 1 squad a month and painted a lot of units that had been sat in boxes for quite some time.

My painting challenge (like doc, painting gives me money to spend) didn't really work out. Over the year I painted enough to spend £250, but spent a lot more that that. this is not too bad as I have a monthly budget as well which I stuck to successfully. This is a must for me as if I don't then I can get a massive back log of models to paint.

My current back log to do is:

5 TH/SS terminators
3*3 Centurions
Storm Eagle
Fire Raptor
2 Knights
Sammael on Speeder
2*5 Scouts
Bike squad
3*10 Tactical
2*10 Assault
2*10 Devastator
a few drop pods

There is nothing new on the horizon for my marines at the moment so I don't see this changing soon.

I have started one of the knights so hopefully i intend to show this off soon.

Unfortunately all my painting equipment has been moved over to my new house. My new house however has no water, heating, kitchen and needs decorating! we don't expect to have moved in and set everything up until the end of January. That means no hobby related things happening until at least February.

May this will give me time to post more of my thoughts about 40k and the hobby on hear during that time or get some better pictures of my brothers models.

Happy New Year to you all

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