Monday, 27 March 2017

Blood Bowl Fever : Lizardmen wip

Howdo, long time no blogging for me.

I've played Lizardmen for a long time, so my skinks are old warhammer models with the weapons removed (the quivers are filled with rocks to slow them down so the elves can catch them).

The Sauri (Saurusesesss?) are a new addition found in a bits box at the local fgs (Worcester Wargames), they're Salamanders from Mantics Kings of War range, the scale is good against the new GW minis as the old Sauri are only human sized however I may have to find a new Kroxigor.

In an attempt to get back into the swing I've installed an app on my phone 'cos I never seem to have chance on computers. (scratch that, the blogger app is as useful as a chocolate fireguard so went back to the browser) 

Cheers and remember the ball! 

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Khemri Blood Bowl Team - Showcase

Evening All

Doc here with a showcase of my completed converted Tomb Kings / Khemri team.  They are all converted from the old GW range now out of production.  I will say this was a fun little project and I decided to complete a full 16 player roster (ever hopeful that I might get to that number).

So the rest of the post is going to be very picture heavy.....

Full team shot including converted turn, re roll and score markers

In action against skaven in my first game a 3-0 loss (eek) I will say they are a hard team to play at first

Ok so close ups

All my Lineman

Tomb Guard (yes I can start with 4 strength 5 blockers!) 

Blitz Ra's (why Ra's its a throwback to how they used to be named in a previous version of the game) 

Thro Ra's (one using the human ball and one the orc ball)

My converted counters (seemed easy to do using the bitz box)

So what do you reckon of the team comments are always welcome the base names have caused a split opinion amongst the code40k players what do you reckon needed or not?

Cheers All

DOC out......

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Blood Bowl Fever!........Dwarves, W.I.P.

Hi All

Bluddtoof here with an update on my blood bowl painting progress.
I've put the orcs on the back burner until GW release a Troll, gobbos and the orc team box; I want the official figures for that team.
The Dwarves are a perfectly playable team straight out of the box so I've moved on to them for now.

So first up...... lets talk about that huge elephant in the room!.....

BEARDS!!! I'll say it again... BEARDS!!!

I love em! Even the troll slayers ridiculously huge trailing monstrosities which appear to have been possessed by some form of magical spell from an errant side line wizard and are now capable of propelling themselves and the troll slayer down the pitch!!
I understand why a lot of people don't like em but I do and there's been plenty of hate for em in the web community so nuf said I think.

The rest of the teams beards are probably the best bit of the sculpts in my opinion, really nicely done and good to paint. As for the rest of the models (and this goes for all the new bb stuff I've bought so far) the sculpts are generally nice, not up to GW's usual high standard, but good nonetheless, with a few minor exceptions; around the feet they often lose distinction making it hard to see where shoe, sock and pants start and end. Also on one of the dwarf blockers, the head and shoulder don't quite match where the right shoulder pad is concerned and some of the head/hair connections are a bit ropey.


Considering that this is a nice introduction game for new customers and the figures are designed to be push fit and the price is significantly less for a team box than for a typical 40k troop choice box with equivalent model count, then I don't really have any serious complaints. And I'm enjoying painting em!

So here's a few wip piccies of the work I've done so far, following through the process...

I took the team to this stage, the blue is Tamiya metallic blue; a nice colour but the paint has a slightly oily texture making it challenging to use. Then I decided to take 1 model to a finished state to see if the scheme worked...

and some stills including extra work on the team and counters...

Another vid of the single miniature mostly done...

And the current state of the team....

The bases are just GW textured paint; astrogranite, with black wash and lots of dry brushing, they'll be finished off with some patchy snow and blood stains and the team will get a little weathering.
I've also got a plan for a modelled dugout including beer barrel counters and a bar full of cheerleaders and assistant coaches!
Pleased so far with these and not a huge amount left to do, as ever c & c welcome.



Thursday, 9 March 2017

Everybody's Blood Bowl Mad!!!

Hey guys and girls - Bristles here with a quick update on what's been going on in my hobby world recently. 
As per the title, it seems the Code have all gone Blood Bowl crazy and I've got the bug big time....

With my Dark Elf Core Team pretty much all finished I wanted to have a shot at doing some of the other models to represent my manager, apothecary etc so I began scouting around for suitable models. 

I figured the Dark Elf Scorceress model was an obvious choice for my Head Coach model...


For my Apothecary however I was a little more confused, that is until I saw something on a shelf and had a rather silly epiphany.....


The model is 'The Changling' from the AOS range but I replaced the plastic smoke with a slightly different effect after getting advice from Boss Bluddtoof and Inner Mech and how to go about it. Tbh I'm damn proud of how it's turned out and think he is one of my best, certainly one of my most enjoyable little projects. 

Anyway - here's a quick team photo to finish with


I've still got the Blood Bowl bug and have already decided on my next team build.....I'm just hoping it doesn't bleed me dry.................

Thanks for reading :)