Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Showcase; Forgemas 14; Eldar Corsair Hornet

Hi All

At last, after a mere 3 months, my Eldar corsair Hornet is finished.
I must say I've enjoyed this project immensely, apart from the water effects fiasco of course, but even that led to a much better base in the end.
It bodes well for the rest of the army I'll be building and painting that I've enjoyed the paint scheme and I've learnt some stuff whilst doing it and also improved my method since I developed the scheme on the test figure. I'm looking forward to it a great deal.
Here's some pics of the finished model...

I say it's finished but in truth it's not quite complete; I want the army to have a symbol which will be some form of stylised scorpion or possibly just the tail. My Corsair Band are called the Scions of the Scorpion; their back story being that the Corsair Prince and his Bladesworn Retinue were at one time Striking Scorpion Aspect Warriors, hence the green and yellow colour scheme and the fact that I will be converting striking scorpions to represent my HQs.
Anyway back to the symbol, or lack thereof, I haven't nailed down the design yet so I'll be leaving all the models without varnish and I'll come back to them all once I'm happy with the symbol.

So my next project will be some scenery for an upcoming Code 40K event; Worcester War IV, more on that in later posts, and then back to finishing off my Imperial Knight Freeblade.

Hope you like what I've done with the Hornet, c and c as ever is most welcome.


Monday, 23 February 2015

Forgemas 14; Eldar Corsair Hornet, WIP, Nearly Done!

Hi All

Bluddtoof here with another WIP post of my Eldar Corsair Hornet. Nearly there now, should only need a couple more sessions to get this piece finished. A pic of its current state...

As you can see I'm working on the green plating on the hornets upper face now, I've finished the pilot who is now ensconced in the cockpit with the canopy now fixed in place. Fitting the pilot was a chore as I knew it would be; I'd tried many trial runs before and during painting.
The issue, if you're planning on building your own hornet, is two-fold; firstly the control panel the pilot is connected to has to slot inside the cockpit underneath the lip of the outer plating, so it has to be placed inside the space first. Secondly the pilots shoulder plates are wider than the cockpit opening so also have to go inside first!
I'd spotted this well before painting started and tried a few ways of fitting him, I decided to paint him as a sub assembly as painting him in-situ would have been a nightmare and I wouldn't have been able to get the finish I wanted. The trick was to paint the pilot without putting too much on the shoulders so as to not make him even wider at that tricky spot and then when it came to squeezing his shoulders through the gap to be super gentle. The process resulted in some minor wear of the paint around the cockpit edge, which is covered by the canopy frame anyway and a little wear on the back of the pilots shoulders which are not visible; so Huzzah! Success!

The weapons are now almost complete, gems and lenses done, the green cowlings are being painted alongside the made hull as all the shades are identical and I need to do a little more work on the cables. Once the green is highlighted up to yellow and glazed all I'll have left on the hull are the gems and a few bits of touching up.

A few more pics....

Hope you like it so far, c and c always welcome. More to come soon, in the form of a showcase with any luck.


Friday, 20 February 2015

Forgemas - Completed Sevrin Loth

Well at last I have time to post a blog update.

Christmas and January have been a particularly hectic timer in my household. I have had relatives over from Canada, relatives down from "Up-North" and once Christmas was complete we got this new addition to the clan (chapter)

As I write this she is over twice the size she was in these photos!

As you can see my time for the hobby has been seriously reduced. thus the late posting of a completed Loth.

here he is with his honour guard

I still need to complete a bit more of the details but they are solid enough for the moment. I will go back at some point in the future and do more detailing.

I have also got back some masters of the chapter I received for a birthday in 2013. My brothered had painted one of them so I thought it only fair for him to paint the other 3

and finally here they are with the first one

Here are all 10 of my chapter masters

I was in Manchester the other day and popped by the Arndale GW. Wow they really have put the effort in that shop. how many points for this?

And finally what am i working on next? I have just tidied up and under-coated another tactical squad (10th..). i used my FW free postage voucher to buy Ashmantle the Salamander Dread. and i also picked up this fella as a bodyguard for one of my Inquisitors

Hopefully puppy will calm down a bit so i can get on with some solid painting.

My 2015 aim is to clear the back log of unpainted models before I buy "too much" new stuff....we'll have to see how that goes

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Forgemas 14, Eldar Corsair Hornet, More Progress...

Hi All

Done some more work on my now severely delayed Forgemas entry, my Eldar Corsair Hornet.

Above is the overall progress, following are a few shots of the details..

Two shots of the underside which is now complete apart from a little work inside the exhaust ports.
The second shot is with a flash, which brings out the yellow highlights on the green plating a little more.

And a few shots of the hornet  so far on its base...

That's it for now, the work on the underside since the last post amounts to about 10 hours. Just the top side and some detailing work like gems and such like to do now so I should be done soon.

As ever c and c welcome...


Monday, 9 February 2015

Forgemas 14; Eldar Corsair Hornet, WIP

Hi All

Bluddtoof here with another WIP post on my Eldar Corsair Hornet. This model seams to be taking forever to paint but I've finally got the yellow-white shading done on it, now it's just the green armour plating and the gems to do before a final few touches. Hopefully I'll only need a couple more weeks.

So here's a few piccies...

I'm really pleased with the shading compared to the test corsair I painted a while back, it matches well and considering the areas involved are significantly larger it looks ok. In total it's made from 14 shades; starting with averland sunset through yriel yellow to flash gitz yellow then adding more and more white to flash gitz til I got a just off white for the final edging. The pilots seat I stopped at shade number 11 cos I was happy with the colour. I think it's come out a little more lemony than the corsairs weapon, see here for the relevant post, and I like it, the trick now will to remain consistent across the rest of the army. Eventually there'll be a Revenant Titan in these colours! That'll be a challenge, I may need to invest in an airbrush at that point.

Next step is the green plating with its yellow highlighting.
Hope you like it so far, c and c welcome as always. More to come soon.....