Thursday, 29 October 2015

Dreadtober Showcase - Gnaf Finished

Made it

Here are some pics of Gnaf Redrum in all his glory, i may still add damage/weathering but don't want to rush into it.

I'm really pleased with it, the Murderclaws fit a contemptor chassis really well and you can always use the proper clenched fists if you don't want to shave knuckles.  I tried to keep the front as clutter free as possible seeing as it'ld only get ripped off in combat anyway so the tails/teeth hang on his back and who knows what the blade is for (relic or merciful release). My painting style is normally best viewed at 4' away so the camera picks up a few things i'll have to ignore but he looks crisp.

 To finish heres some shots with his mates off out for halloween :)

These Wulfen will stand in for standard Lone Wolves if i ever have spare points till then they'll have to lounge in the cabinet

Link -
As always comments welcomed (I do read them ,some times i even remember to reply)
Till next time
Gumby out

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Dreadtober WIP

Firstly can i have a round of applause for my lovely Wife, as i've painted almost every night!

Nearly half way through Dreadtober and Gnaf is coming along well, i haven't started the base yet to try and finish the model 1st.

I'm really pleased with the 13th Co. badge and the odd red armour plate.
Hope you like it, comments welcomed

Till next time
Gumby out

Saturday, 3 October 2015

What's That Coming Over The Hill....

Afew photos of Gnaf Redrum tonight in his unpainted state.

I was trying for a feral/wolflike pose as it's a wulfen so lots of pinning ensued, the statue on the base came with the contemptor so i thought it would be ungrateful not to use it, i was going to put a helmet on it but managed to fit the proper head in (with a bit of fiddling) and i think it works well, most of the other bits came from the SW termie sprue or were made from greenstuff.

To finish here's Bob taking one for the team to show it's definitely not modeled for advantage ;)

The photos will improve i promise

Till next time
Gumby out

Now with added Dreadtober