Thursday, 2 January 2020

Happy New Year 2020 (Hobby Resolutions and Blogging Moving Forward)

Hi All,

Happy New Year! Wow its 2020 that sounds like something from a science fiction movie rather than real life.  Well here we are the year I will turn 40 years young and 30 years since I started in this hobby.  Wowsers I am getting on now I suppose!

Anyway the last twelve months saw a significant drop off in blogging.  We as group seem to have really migrated to quicker social media platforms as a way of sharing our work. However... the blog is not dead and I will post here on occasion and I always keep the log of what minis I have painted in the side bar up to date.  Today 2nd Jan I have added my first completed mini for the year a genestealer cult abberrant.

So whats my aim for the year.... Well broadly similar to the last two years I am aiming to paint 100 models.  Frustratingly I have finished in the 90's in both the last two years so surely I can push it over the line this year!  I also aim to get my genestealer cult to a fully painted state and hopefully attend Battlefield Birmingham doubles again. I also aim to get a usable force of adeptus titanicus ready to go because the game is amazing!

Anyway peace out all have a great year and be kind to each other (well at least once a day!)#