Friday, 15 June 2018

Getting Sorted - Future Blogging Musings - Facebook Live Feed tomorrow from Battlefield Birmingham

Evening All,

The night before the action begins and I am aware I haven't blogged again despite promises but never mind it is only a blog right?

Anyways the good news is I have 4 or 5 strong articles in my head which I really want to take a stab at writing.  Incidentally a couple of those are showcases but also want to put my thoughts down on Horus Heresy, Conventions and Tournaments.  I also have another using the interwebs article in mind.  Alongside this I have recently run some new photo backdrops so expect a change there along with some higher quality photos on the blog.

Despite no activity here I have been painting and the really beady eyed might of spotted Doc's Painting Points 2018 has been getting updated (see the sidebar of the web version of the blog).  This is always updated quickly after I complete a mini and has become a ritual.

My idea for this weekend all being well is to run round Battlefield Birmingham on a live feed over the weekend on our facebook page  Hopefully I can capture some beautiful minis!

I will leave you with this group shot of my army for the weekend and a couple of extra plasma wielding guardsmen I painted for the event.

Have a good weekend all

DOC out...........................

Monday, 7 May 2018

Showcase Knight Armigers - Battlefield Birmingham Prep Rolls on

Hi All,

Doc here to showcase my pair of Imperial Knight Armigers.  Love these figures and so pleased with the outcome.  In a copy of Boss Bludtoofs format I will do the showcase pictures first followed by some WIP shots.

I have decided to stick to the pre hersey Makabius colour scheme so they match my Acheron Knight.  Eventually I will move to the option to play a full knight army with a lancer and gallant squirrelled away still to be built.

The other reason I am happy with these is I am going further into a model before coming away from the airbrush.  I started just priming with the airbrush.  For these models I put first layers down on all the metal, metallic blue and cream.  Then I braved painting the feet and exhaust vents without masking and was pleased to find out my aim and skills allowed that to work.

I am also pleased with the basic conversion work to increase the movement in the poses and the raiding of the bits box bases have worked well also.  Right DOC enough waffle show us the minis!

Some WIP shots

Any constructive feedback is welcome.  I now have 6 Scions and 1 vulture left to complete before mid June Battlefield Birmingham event.



Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Further Build Progress for the Cypra Incident and Battlefield Birmingham

Hi All,

Bit of a long time since any of us have blogged.  I know there is frantic work going on for for Golden Demon, Battlefield Birmingham and in mine and Boss's case The Cypra Incident.  For me its finding time to sit in front of the keyboard and share the progress which is challenging!

Anyway......  I promised last time to share the next BIG build project so here it is a massive treat to myself a while back

What's that you ask?

So daunting at the beginning..

I kept going...

The beast appears (Maraunder Bomber) after several hours work spread across multiple days.  Love the model hard work to put together.  None of the turrets are glued in this picture to aid the painting process.  

I then felt the need to do a size comparison!  In mind its the ultimate super heavy flyer and will see its first action in the next cypra 'airfield mission'.  

This means I have now concluded the build work for the next cypra mission.  However at this stage I still wanted to build something for my proposed Battlefield Birmingham list.

So with the advent of Forgebane and the new mini knights (armigers) I loved them.  Also as a necron player it added to that force also.  I was keen to get some movement into the poses and decided to make one running.  The 14" move rule prompted the posing in my head.  Also decided to make then have opposite weapon arms to each other for further variety.  

The next job was a mega airbrush priming session!

Was super proud to have got to this stage and then a day later realisation that's a lot to paint!  Priority will be the units for Battlefield Birmingham the knights, vulture and scions.

Until next time when hopefully I will be showing you some painted minis or at minimum WIP.



Thursday, 29 March 2018

Hobby Progress the 19th Dicers - Arming for Cypra and Arming for Battlefield Birmingham Doubles

Afternoon All,

I have been so busy lately working away but not posting except for the odd bit through instagram and our facebook page.  I actually have enough hobby progress for a few posts but today I will focus on the Imperial Guard.

I have signed up to go to a battlefield Birmingham doubles event in June with Dark Bristles, Boss Bludtoof, Luko Dakka, Innermech and the Barber.  So the code will be representing.  Expect to see hobby updates as everyone gets ready.

As I am also trying to prepare for the next Cypra Airfield Mission (see last post for info) I have decided to take the 19th with some new additions. A two birds one stone approach which in reality is entirely necessary for me to stand a chance.

So as I am going to work on this as a group here are the current new builds:

As I need 4 flyers for the airfield mission and only currently have 1 finished a Valkyrie here is the built and primed Avenger Strike Fighter.  Nice Kit went together fairly straight forwardly.  Hardest bit was sawing off the large chunks of resin!

The next new flyer is a Vulture Gunship with punisher cannons.  Well apart from the rules for this thing being immense it looks cool.  Slightly harder to build than the avenger mixing plastic and resin was tricky as was getting the plastic tail fins to fit against the resin. Again big chunks of resin to saw away.

WIP shot early on:

Fully Built:

You may of noticed lurking in these shots are some Scions and these are the 3rd new build.  

So quite a bit of painting to get done but also 1 more flyer to come which I will keep as a surprise (a big surprise hint hint!)  Last little hobby update before I move on:

I also picked up this new hobby light, its pricey but worth every penny when living in dark old blighty!

Thats all folks look forward to showing you more soon.


DOC out

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Imperial Fists; Tartaros Terminator Squad

Hi All

Bluddtoof here with some more work on my Imperial Fists, this time in the form of a Tartaros Terminator Squad.
These puppies are the first squad for a 40k army I'm building to take to Battlefield Birmingham's doubles tourney in June, find details on that here
The army will be 1000pts to fight alongside another 1000pt army of marines.
The nice thing, and part of my motivation, is that the majority of the 1000pts will be usable in my Heresy Era Imperial Fists too. I'm using exactly the same colour scheme and techniques and the same basing and weathering styles so they should match in seamlessly.

Finished pics...

I found these different to paint than the resin models previously painted for the legion; the plastic behaves very differently. It has a super smooth finish which transfers to the base coat as opposed to the ever so slightly textured resin finish. The result was a marked difference in finish once the yellow glaze was dried; on the previous resin models the finish was totally matte but on these plastic models it was a rather worrying gloss!
In the end I flattened the gloss finish with a combination of matte varnish and weathering powders. finish is just as matte as the rest of the army so all good. But a valuable lesson to learn.

The hardest part was the power blades, I've matched them to the power sword on my praetor model, which you can see here, I find this particular painting process very intense and quite taxing; lots of holding my breath and focusing in order to get the shades in the right place, I'm happy with the finish though so worth the bit of stress in the end. The only other stumbling block was deciding what transfers to use, I wanted them to fit believably in both 30k and 40k, the decision is easier with terminators than tactical marines for example, it would be trickier to keep to codex markings in that situation, but again I'm happy with the final look.

Some wip shots to finish...

Next up is an assault terminator squad for the army. More on that over the next week or so.

As ever C&C welcome.