Monday, 5 November 2018

Cult Uprising Genestealer Cult Showcase

Hi All,

Doc here with a showcase post for my Genestealer Cult gang for our upcoming Necromunda Campaign.  I have named them the Purple Sun which just popped into my head from somewhere.  Anyway I am very happy with the outcome of this little gang and in time I hope I will need to paint some more as my gang grows in the campaign in the meantime here is some pictures:

                                  Omega                                                 The Purple Sun





 Scatter Brain




 The Purple Sun

Hope you like my new gang as always comments are welcome.


Doc Out

Monday, 22 October 2018

30K Death Guard Tactical Support Marines with Volkites Showcase

Hi All,

Doc here back with a simple showcase post. I have a 30k game arranged with Boss Bludtoof in mid November and I decided having another painted unit would be cool.  So I started batch painting 19 minis at once but gave up pretty quickly (I am not Mordian 7th) and dropped it to 10!  Anyway stuck to the same scheme as my other stuff and I am happy with the outcome.

What I really like about this year is the amount of minis and scenery I have painted I have surpassed last year by a long way which given everything which is going on personally that I am quite proud of.  On to some pictures as always constructive feedback is welcome.

That's all folks until next time,

Doc Out

Monday, 1 October 2018

Adeptus Titanicus, current progress....Knight and Strategic Assets

Hi All

Bluddtoof here with a quick progress update on my Titanicus stuff.
Still loving this and I've now completed the first knight with the other 2 well on the way.
I also painted up the 6 strategic assets whilst other things were drying over the last week.
Once the knights are done I'll be buying the first of my titans, probably warhounds to start so I can build up to the bigger models.
I still have no idea which legio to do or even if I want to paint a canon one or make up my own. I'll cross that bridge once I get to it.

Here's a few pics of the state of play.....

That's the assets
And here's a few idividually..

And the knight..

Once all 3 are done I'll weather them together a little.
Hope you like, C & C welcome as ever....


Sunday, 23 September 2018

Necromunda Terrain Showcase

Evening All,

Doc back after a long break with a big project I have just finished.  So we have decided to run a short Necromunda campaign as a group.  The first round will hopefully be end of October or early November.  To get ready I have been painting up the terrain from the box, some MDF terrain and I have just started my Genestealer Cult gang.  To showcase some of the terrain I thought it was about time I made another video.

Hope you enjoy it, it is not the best thing I have ever done but having not shot a video for 2 or 3 years now I had forgotten so much about it in particular the editing and so on.  Anyway hopefully I can do more now I have reminded myself.  Constructive comments are more than welcome.

In addition to above here are a few pictures of the plastic doors, bulkheads and barricades from the core game itself.

One great little tip I learnt when doing these is how good ryza rust is watered down to a wash consistency and then run into the crevices, really well showed off by second to last picture above.

My last share is my first completed model for the gang and a picture of the base I completed first.

This model is a conversion as the standard GW stubber model only has two arms wanting to remove the unwieldy rule I converted up a 3 arm version.

Anyway hope you like all of this and maybe worth the wait??

Thats All folks!

DOC out.................................

Monday, 17 September 2018

Hobby Update, Apologies and Adeptus Titanicus!

Hi All

First up a big apology from myself and on behalf of everyone here at Code40k for our lack of activity over the summer! Hopefully now the weather's calmed down we'll all be a little more active.

So this will be a bit of an update on the little bit of stuff I've done over the summer and the lovely stuff which has reignited my mojo.......namely Adeptus Titanicus!

As you've probably seen from Docs last post (back in the mists of time, or more accurately June!) we sent a small posse to Battlefield Birminghams Doubles Tournament, here's a few pics of the force I took and a couple of 1 of my opponents I particularly liked...

The next task Doc and I embarked on was getting some scenery started for the next mission in The Cypra Incident; our narrative campaign, which is due a revisit soon
Some pics of the scenery in progress....

Then of course I need to get some new Ork forces ready for the airfield mission, in the form of some more Deffkoptas....

This was when the weather turned near tropical in South Gloucestershire! With paint drying on the brush, never mind the pallet, I found other things to do......

.....until Adeptus Titanicus hit...

I wasn't prepared to splash £200 outright so I used some vouchers I had and dipped my foot in with the rules set and a box of knights to start, and started to build some scenery from scratch.

I'm well impressed by the rules and the models are really nice so I splashed out on some of the GW scenery; the Civitas Imperialis Sector. This kit is FANTASTIC! Loads of bits with a really nice modular construction system. You can make a lot from it....

I've got quite a few odd bits left over which will find homes on titan bases and in more scratch built scenery.

And so now I'm nearing completion on my first knight.....

And that's me up to date.......almost, whilst I've been writing this and waiting for pics to upload my first knight is very near completion, just some weathering powders to apply and he's done, but more on him next week....
Here's a little vid of so far...