Monday, 25 June 2012

A Busy Weekend

After having a disappointing sporting weekend (Lewis being rammed off the track by a nutter and England's slow painful Euro exit finally happening, I though a bit of cheering up would be in order.

so here is Draigo

and here is Stern (i have had this model for a while and only just got round to painting him)

and finally some more paladin (they still have some details to pick out, eyes etc. but are almost done).

so that is 10 down 10 to go. i should be able to get them done by next week!

Friday, 22 June 2012

The First 5 Paladins

As mentioned above with all the football on it gives me plenty of time to do some painting.

I have completed 5 paladins now (minus some details)

I did have some close up pics bu they are too blurry to be any good

so that is 5 down and 15 to go! I have built up the last 2 hammer arms, sprayed and washed them. I will weapon swap the 2 guys this weekend so everything is now WYSWYG

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Paladin Update

well with all the sitting down and watching the football gives me loads of time to paint (multi-tasking)

and at last an update! i have done a fair bit on the paladins

they are all washed now and helmets/weapons base coated.

7 have moved on a bit further with some highlighting and some washes

this is pretty much a complete one. a few more details and highlights to finish him off

there i so much detail on the newer models. as i am painting old metal ones and the new plastic the difference between them is huge.

also this is my idea for the banner

the other squad has a red border. i think i will pick the detail out in non-metallic gold not sure how it will work but you can only try.

and finally getting my daughter involved

she is calling it Mulan as it is a girl dressed as a boy warrior......she is starting the princess chapter

edit: due to using XP and IE7 i am having difficulties uplaoding pics at the moment i will add later

Sunday, 10 June 2012

SVA XII Build Up & Chaos Daemons Project

Its been a while but I'm back,
I've had a super busy time of late, so lets start back at the end of SVA XI.
I'd just finished preparing my monster cheesy Chaos double lash uber list. Well as suspected it was overly powerful at times and many of my games were spent apologising for the 6 direct hit plasma cannons that massacred their targets each turn. My punishment for the amount of edam that I was serving was Space Wolves...and so my hatred/love of Space Wolves continued, still I managed 2 draws, so 3 wins & 2 draws was pretty awesome.
My findings from this, a cheesy list is very forgiving, it will let you take it easy in that 4th game when you're a bit burnt out. When you're on it though, it can be seriously powerful and will relentlessly smash your opponent into submission. The Lash to be honest is not the powerful part, the fear of lash is probably worse, the deal maker is the obliterators, these guys are immense! Countless games I used them to tear chunks out of my opponents and when there was armour available on the table then "Blam!" they switch on the Melta or Lascannon and tore it a new one. Great stuff!
Anyway back to the run up to SVA XII
This year I wanted to bring something fluffy and with a great bit of character but would also be fun to play with.
I had a great idea inspired by Desertfox over on his website
check it out its very cool.
Well last year it was my 30th and The Code guys clubbed together and hooked me up with my new Sanguinary Guard army.
The list was basically: -
Commander Dante
4-5 lots of Sanguinary Guard
2 Furioso/Librarian Dreadnoughts
2 Sang Priests
I quickly got them all stuck together and Hypaspist had written a great campaign as a run up to SVA XII for me to test them out in. Well after 7 or so games it was clear to me that if I was to have a great weekend at SVA XII I needed to take something that was a little less intense to play with. The sanguinary guard are really unique army but the model count in an army of this nature is so taxing to play with. The 1st turn is make or break usually, if you take heavy casualties then you're in an uphill struggle. If it was not for the absolute obscene power that Dante can unleash then the army would be quite flawed. He can single handedly take on an army if you can avoid the instant death long enough. In combat he is a beast, hive tyrants, no problem, Archons, piece of cake, Deff dredds.....well 2 out of 3 ain't bad, avoid the latter like the plague.
I'll post up some pics of the work in progress as I return to them because as the other guys know I ended up not taking them to SVA. Instead I decided to stick to the Chaos theme and plumped for Chaos Daemons, flavour = Nurgle.

I came to this decision in January and calculated that if I started then and continually Glued/Built/Converted & Painted like a crazed mek till SVA then I could get it all done.
I picked a list I had tinkered with in the past and had a fairly solid idea of what I was going to include. I purchased everything I needed over the next couple of months and hammered away in secret at my diseased pretties.
I will post up some work in progress shots but for now here is the finished Army on their display board.
Plaguebearers converted from Crypt Ghouls
Plague Toad Riders (Counts as Bloodcrushers)
Nurgle Daemon Princes
More Plague Toad Riders (Counts as Bloodcrushers)
Soul Grinder converted from Defiler & Giant
Forgeworld Great Unclean One I used as Scabiaethrax & Ku'gath @ SVAXII
Newly Improved GUO
and all the hard work paid off....
Hope you like it all!

Next time I'll post up some more of the army as I worked on it and a few tips and conversion techniques. I'll also run through the fantastic SVA XII and how the Nurgle Daemons faired. I'd also eventually like to touch on Airbrushing which is my new found friend.
Anyways, till next time
Luko Dakka

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Thunderwolf Cavalry First Model

Hi All,

DOC Here, as promised i have painted up my first thunderwolf cav model. So nice and simple post a few pictures!!

Feedback is more than welcome....

Thats All Folks


Friday, 8 June 2012

Sister's Repentia - Resplendent Rachel

So here we are at the final stage of completing one of my Repentia. Another 9 to go! I repainted the metal parts and bought the new ink "Nuln Oil" from GW to see if it helped with defining the metal areas on the model. It's come out ok, although i might try painting those areas black as the base on my next ladies. For the detail of the model i rehighlighted the blue areas and touched up the flesh as it needed smoothing out. Didn't really want her charging across the battle field with what looked like some sort of pox ;-) Then i created the litanies with a fine brush to the white cloth. I think this has enhanced the model. I'll try this on the others and add a few extra details if i can. A quick base colour and there you have it. Sister Rachel. Do you think she will repent her sins and join her fellow sisters in her old battle squad? Happy painting, Trevdog.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Space Wolves, Desk Tidy and Total Distraction

Hi all,

Doc here,

Slight problem today and over last couple of weeks called FOCUS.  So am I like all hobbyists and tend to jump from one thing to another?  My last post consisted of my work in progress Necrosphinx, which I will post  up soon as it has to be finished by the end of the month.

In the mean time I did some useful stuff like clipping all my sprues out.  Do you guys keep all your spares??  Well I do but got fed up of them taking up too much space!!!  They are now all sorted in to army types using business card holders.

So I also got a game against the Necrons bringing the space wolves out for the first time in just over a year.  Doing that put me in space wolf mood and this was the result:

As well as the fact that the necrosphinx needs finishing I also decided I need to finish Hypa's converted Casket of Souls for our large Warhammer game at the end of June.

So this brings me back to the start again FOCUS.  So the plan is to paint a Space Wolf Thunderwolf for next Sunday night so I can use as a Wolf Lord for the night.  This will also allow me to play fully painted.  Next up Necrosphinx and finally Casket of Souls by 23rd June.  Hopefully by setting myself deadlines ill work to this and NOT start something else? In addition it will hopefully give some nice pics of new minis to show you guys!

Thats All Folks