Monday, 16 October 2017

Showcase - Belisarius Cawl

Evening all

Sorry I’ve been somewhat lax with my blog updates of late, trying to write blogs on the IPad isn’t conducive to great writing I’m afraid! 
Anyway, I thought it best to catch you up with my latest finished piece.

Belisarius Cawl......

Oh my - What a model. 

99% of the time I’m a HUGE advocate for painting minis fully built, I like to see them complete so I can get a feel for what I’m trying to do with the colours but a with Cawl I felt I might have erred on this choice. 

Frankly he is a complete and utter pain in the back to paint as a complete unit. 

Anyway, seeing as I’d already glued him together there was little I could do about it so just set about him with the brush, attacking the metal work with the airbrush to get a base of lead beltcher down before painting the robes. 

Something I have noticed with my painting of late is that whilst previously I would often block out all the base colours of a model before going back to add washes and highlights at a later time, I’m more often focusing on one section until completion before moving to the next. So as the pic above shows I started and finished the robes before going to do the metalwork with a brush. After the silver of the bodywork I went to the copper edge work and so on and so forth, trying to complete bits - looking for the ‘wins’, those bits where your happy with a part and can call it done. 

Cawl seriously tested my patience, I must have somewhere in the region of 30 hours or more in him? He was daunting by his sheer level of detail. Moreover, the fact that I could (and did) spend 5 hours painting him one Saturday and couldn’t really see where the time had gone was infuriating, it was simply swallowed in the lower level of the model. But I feel the ground work payed off and as the final few hours started I was able to see parts coming together quickly.

Here’s some pics of him in his final form :) 

Anyway, there you have him. Personally I’m pretty chuffed with him, I think he’s one of my personal best and I learnt a lot from him. 

I hope you like him as well :) 

Thanks all for reading, until next time. 



  1. Beautifully done - He looks fantastic!

  2. Looks awesome, the glow from the pipes is nice and original too, I've always assumed they're metal and armoured, but having them a transparent colour to let whatever is inside them show through is really cool!

    1. Thank you, yeah I like to see the cables as being super charged with energy as the Magos powers them then falling back to inert metal limbs when unpowered.

  3. Superb work, great skills on that cloak and the energy glow. Wonderful

  4. You can't go wrong with an electric blue against red. The whole thing looks great.

    I know what you mean about blocking vs finishing an area. I've begun doing the same, finishing an area before moving on. For me it's about my confidence in my painting and color theory. I used to block things in a lot when I was unsure what I wanted to do, and I still will do that now. However, if I've already planned it out then I just go for it.

    1. Thanks man - yes, certainly my confidence with my brush control has helped me to not worry so much about messing up previous areas so that’s certainly a good thing. My colour theory is purely instinct however, I’ve no actual training or experience with it specifically other than what I can only assume is a ‘natural eye’ for it?

  5. Stunning work Tom some of your best love the blue really pops, but also your metallic always stands out compared to others. The biggest problem is he is great in the game also!

    1. Haha thanks Doc, I’ve been working on my metallics a while now! And yup, Cawl is a beast in game - much like a primarch, he’s the anchor in a Mech line

  6. Fantastic job Tom as ever. Your perseverance paid off. The army looks cool as a whole too.