Sunday, 28 February 2010

Space Wolves Dreadnought Finished

Well its been a while since i last posted. I had a dose of nurgle's rot. This is the finished pictures of my converted black reach dreadnought. Im really pleased with the outcome. The only job left to do is to name the dreadnought. Any suggestions for this would be welcome (only 5 letters or less)? Wolf priest is next?


Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Space Wolves Dreadnought WIP

Hi all, as you can see I've been working on converting the black reach dreadnought.

A brief summary of what i did to get this far:

1. Ordered resin base from 616 Designs, added space marine helmet with a drilled out hole for effect.
2. Drilled out gun barrels and drilled some bullet holes in the dreadnought's armour.
3. Added skull to right leg of the dreadnought from space wolf accs sprue.
4. Added wolf tail talisman underneath the main body.
5. Cut wolf pelt from space wolf back and added to multi melta arm. Filled in edges and top with green stuff sculpted to look like fur.
6. Added space wolf icon on to the top of the dreadnought (taken from the SW terminator set.
7. Green stuffed over the canopy to cover angel wings, sculpted it to look like fur. Then i added the skull head which is the skull from the chaos marauders banner bearer. I then green stuffed the edges and sculpted it to look like fur.
8. Finally i drilled and pinned the left foot to the rock surface for additional strength.

I think its turned out well and I'm tempted to do another! I will post some paint updates as i go.

Thats all folks


Saturday, 13 February 2010

Luko Dakka's WIP Sneak Preview

Well, I've finally got all my new additions to my growing Nurgle Army! As a first post I thought I'd show what I will be working on in the next week or so.
So, as you can see from the pic:

1 Nurgle Terminator Lord
5 Deathguard Termies (FW parts)
10 Plague Marines (FW parts)
I'll be doing a Start to Finish/Sprue to Basing, complete guide with work in progress photos.
From inspecing the Sprues so far it looks like a hell of a lot of cleaning up on the resin side of things. The plastic sprues I must say are very generous with plenty of extras which are great for, adding to other models and mix and matching the different boxed sets. I think a quick eye over the codex to confirm weapon choices and then it'll be on to the build!
More soon...

Friday, 12 February 2010

Space Wolves Drednought

Hi all,

Well as always i end up back at 40k shortly after doing warhammer, its just to be honest when ive got games coming up.... im good at working to deadlines. So with games lined up for my space wolves i thought i would have a go at changing the assault on black reach dreadnought into a space wolf dreadnought using some spares from my bits box and a little green stuff. Pictured to the left is some of the components im going to use. I have also ordered a slate scenic base for him to stand on and will post progress pictures as i work through the project.


Thursday, 11 February 2010

Two games lined up

Well i have two games lined up and intend to report back on how they go.

First off My Wolves Vs Luko Dakka's Nurgle 2Kpts per side. Wed 17/02/10

2nd Wolves Vs Jason's (another member of the code clan) Tyranids 2.2Kpts per side. Fri 19/02/10.

These will be two notches off my intended 24 games this year.


Saturday, 6 February 2010

Completed Tomb King Ushabti

Well I've finished my first Ushabti and did my usual thing of starting off painting a unit and ending up painting one of the models just to see how it would turn out.
Brief run down of how i painted the model (Yes I'm not the worlds best painter!).

Blue areas started with a wash of Necron Abyss, followed by a heavy dry brush of hawk turquoise. I then added white and progressively dry brushed lighter. Its important that each time you have less and less paint on the brush.

Gold Areas, First a burnished gold base coat followed by a wash of skaven brown ink. I then line painted burnished gold over the top taking care to leave the recesses darker, finally i highlighted with shining gold on the edges.

Skin areas were base coated with charadon granite and then simply dry brushed by adding dheneb stone to the base coat picking out the raised areas. A final highlight was applied of dheneb stone to the finger bones and other highly prominent areas.

Robed areas were first washed with a 50/50 mix of skaven brown ink and devlan mud wash. This was then dry brushed with Khemri Brown (aptly named colour!) I then layered a very watery coat of bleached bone on the top taking to leave the recessed areas. Finally i highlighted the edges with a bleach bone and white mix.

Any advice to improve the model would be greatly received and if i can help any one else with their models give me a shout.


Further Progress

Ive made further progress with ushabti, they are particularly difficult to paint around the torso. The interesting thing about photgraphing your models as you go along is you notice parts you've missed or which could be better when the photograph is zoomed in!


Thursday, 4 February 2010

Tomb King Ushabti In Progress

This is what im working on at the moment, finding it a real challenge to paint off white again having painted off black for the last few years any tips would be appreciated.

Space Wolves Blog

The space wolves blog is a must for any Space Wolves fan, it includes all the info you could need. It covers modelling, painting, gaming and tactics. The blog is also well layed out and easy to navigate and well themed. Its clear these guys know their stuff and can teach people like me (who have been gaming for 20+ years) a thing or 2!

The tactics run down for each unit type has been insightful and ways up the pros and cons of each option available to you. Recently they have discussed the Logan Grimnar terminator army option which is something im toying with myself as one of my good friends is a Deathwing player. Each tactical discussion is always conluded well to inform the reader.

Overall a great blog and inspiration to others.


Wednesday, 3 February 2010

New Blog

Fellow geeks a blog is something ive been meaning to do for years! Why to talk all things hobby and to use the blog as a meduim to help drive completion on all those projects, painting task and campaigns we have all started and never finished. Also to get out there those talking points that arise from participating in this hobby. First point is why does everyone hate the "jaws of the world" wolf space wolf psychic power. I didnt design it! I just use it! If i was being fair i would say it can have a huge impact! Do we reallly have rules in 40k that change the game and be deemed unfair? or is it just because we havent thought of a good way round them yet?