Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Space Wolves Dreadnought WIP

Hi all, as you can see I've been working on converting the black reach dreadnought.

A brief summary of what i did to get this far:

1. Ordered resin base from 616 Designs, added space marine helmet with a drilled out hole for effect.
2. Drilled out gun barrels and drilled some bullet holes in the dreadnought's armour.
3. Added skull to right leg of the dreadnought from space wolf accs sprue.
4. Added wolf tail talisman underneath the main body.
5. Cut wolf pelt from space wolf back and added to multi melta arm. Filled in edges and top with green stuff sculpted to look like fur.
6. Added space wolf icon on to the top of the dreadnought (taken from the SW terminator set.
7. Green stuffed over the canopy to cover angel wings, sculpted it to look like fur. Then i added the skull head which is the skull from the chaos marauders banner bearer. I then green stuffed the edges and sculpted it to look like fur.
8. Finally i drilled and pinned the left foot to the rock surface for additional strength.

I think its turned out well and I'm tempted to do another! I will post some paint updates as i go.

Thats all folks


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