Monday, 28 December 2020

Showcase Genestealer Cult Mining Colony

 Hi All,

So what did Doc do after completing his Dreadtober so quick? 

Answer decided to tackle an insane amount of terrain.  

So why didn't Doc share WIP as he went?

Answer he was enjoying himself too much!


 Joking aside the video above showcases a new terrain set I have worked on for the last couple of months.  It is from a variety of manufacturers as explained in the video.  There is a mass of conversion work and new techniques in here I am very happy with the result and could write a really long post on the build and paint of this project.  I wont I will let the video and stills below do the talking.  If you want to know anything specific or feel a tutorial would be good please comment below.  Anyway pic fest time (also to note these are the same stills as at the end of the video).

Hope you like this set as much as I do thanks for looking.





  1. Very cool. I keep putting off my 'insane amount of terrain'. It's difficult to to be motivated about it when I'm not playing games. If I was I'd be unlikely to play 40k and even less likely to be playing at my house. That said this terrain makes me want to get mine done as it looks impressive and I know my pick and mix sets would create a similar world of wonder.

    1. Thanks Dave, I decided it would add to the excitement when I can play again when I can use a whole new table's worth of terrain. Plus I enjoy this element of the hobby so much I have masses of terrain.

    2. I share your lack of motivation for terrain with no games being played...ugh!

  2. Great looking terrain set! I love the tagging; nice urban touch. Lots of creativity and visual interest on display there.

    1. Thanks Dam yep got to love the stencils and transfers really adds to the effect I reckon