Saturday, 7 January 2017

Bringing out the big guns - Showcase Acastus Knight Porphyrion

Phew! What a paint filled couple of days that's been!

Since it saw the Acastus Knight previewed at the Forge World Open Day I knew I wanted one but didn't actually expect to own one any time soon. Then Christmas came and maybe I got all caught up in the spirit of giving but anyway it happened I ended up ordering myself one! Haha no regrets!

Whilst I've been privileged to work on no fewer than 7 Imperial Knights over the last couple of years, I always seem to forget just how much of a time and space investment they are, and this guys is bar far the largest thing I've ever tackled. 


Once I'd gotten my head around the basic construction I set about deciding how I wanted the Knight to look and what I saw him doing in my mind. 

I wanted to attempt to inject a little more movement in the model than I'd seen so far and fortunately the FW kit is pretty good at allowing different  positions, I did however run into a few issues with pistons being too short once I had positioned the one leg and later found the armour panels clashed so ended up having to break the leg apart (rather scary...) and rebuild it. Fortunaly the rebuild actually looks all the better for it so no harm done. 


As I have probably mentioned before, I'm a massive fan of basing models so I figured "Let's start from the ground up" and set about making a suitably scaled area for the Knight to be operating in. Unfortunately the Acastus doesn't come supplied with a base (160mm being the largest GW manufacture) so I knocked up a 200mm base from some clear Perspex I had laying around at work. Then added some ruins, sand, rocks, FW casting blocks and a stray 9mm shell and boom. Base set. Shout out to LukoDakka for the orientation advice, ruin to the rear 100% the right shout. 

With the base done it really was just a simple case of throwing down my Knight House Colours and getting stuck in. I'd still got a few days off of work so with the wife at work I managed to attack him pretty hard for three days of straight painting. 

Please meet the latest addition to my Knight house -

Ruins Bastion 


All told I'm chuffed with him, I'm not totally happy with the paint job and a few things have irritated me in the venture but I'm probably just being overly critical of myself. Anyways, here's a group shot of him with his brothers..


Lefts to right - 

Red Wrath 
Tempestuous Reason
Ruins Bastion
Indomitable Heart
Omnissiahs Repugnance

Anyway - I'd better dash as I've a doubles tournament to prepair for in the morning that a few of us from the Code will be attending!
As ever, many thanks for reading and I'd love to hear any comments or critiques from you guys so be sure to drop something in the comments :) 

Thanks all 



  1. Lovely job and agreed, I base my larger models too, Warlord currently WIP with huge '8' shaped base...

    1. Those Warlords are absolute beasts - I'd love to attack one - maybe sometime in the future.

  2. Great job dude, love the group shot.... good use of time off work I say

  3. Holy crap that group shot is amazing! Seriously crisp tidy work that I always admire when I see your stuff πŸ‘πŸ»
    The big guy is the ace in the hand, an absolute monster that I would frankly find daunting and I've done a few large models!
    You're just going to have to get a Castigator & an Atrapos now though πŸ˜‰

    1. Haha yeah, I think your right fella.... Atrapos 100%

  4. I've loved seeing this get done through your Instagram WIPs dude, you've really inspired me to pull my finger out with mine and get it done.

    It looks fantastic, I love the colour scheme, the pose and the base. You killed it!

    1. Awww thanks man, it's a group thing - everybody inspiring everybody else to push themselves!

  5. Wow he is gigantic...that kit looks really complex! He came out awesome though!