Monday, 30 January 2017

Blood Bowl Fever!

It seems the Blood Bowl bug has hit the Code40K crew pretty hard, with everybody getting on board and throwing paint onto teams! 
What's even more cool is that there seems to be a pretty good spread of teams, everybody settling on something different to one another - should be a solid opening season! 

I've always been rather partial to the Dark Elves style of play, but with a distinct lack of Elves from GW currently my mind was running amok with ideas. Having done a large Dark Eldar commission previously and having a friend run Dark Eldar in 40K, I Knew the perfect place to start. 


A little math and I worked out I could get a solid starting line up from a box of Wyches, a box of Kabalite Warriors and an AOS Assassin model.

 I mixed and matched the boxs, Wych legs on Warrior bodies and vice versa and managed to come up with 6 Line Men, 2 Runners, 2 Witchs, 4 Blitzersand an Assassin - not bad at all! 


I also knocked up a couple of markers from the shock prows of Ravagers. 
The colour scheme was easy to settle on, I'd been looking for an excuse (honestly, any excuse would have done!) to play with the FW clear Purple I'd tried on the flier base for the Knight Acheron an these where the perfect chance. 


So now I'm currently working my way through painting the team up compete so I'll leave you with a few shots showing my current progress 




I'll be sure to do a full team shot once everything's complete πŸ€“

Until then, thanks for reading and let me know what you think! 




  1. Those look fantastic - beautiful work, man!

  2. Looking awesome. That's one of the fun things with Blood Bowl, with so few models needed, it's not hard to fully convert up a team.

    1. Absolutely - so much fun making each model unique! Thanks :)

  3. Looking great DB, cant wait for our league and my converted tomb kings team to be up and running

  4. These are friggin awesome πŸ‘
    Can't wait for the league either, it's gonna be amazing!
    I'm going to have to build a special code40k cup too πŸ‘πŸ»

  5. Looking really good dude. Nice work.