Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Code40k A History

Hi All,

Today I'm going to do something of a memory lane post.....  To get some context to this post a brief history is required.  Code40k is simply our group name and came about from a campaign run back in 2006 run by Trevdog Howler.  On the back of this we set up a yahoo group which we use to communicate with each other to this day.  All of the contributors to this blog are in our group which continues to grow and migrate to other countries.... if you can use the word group essentially we just all share the same passion for model games.

The interesting thing about the yahoo group is it allows files and pictures to be uploaded to it which is useful when running a campaign between friends.  More importantly for this post it gives me the chance to go and grab some stuff from the archive and bring it back to life!

For the statos out there we have sent 8,058 messages to each other talking about this great hobby!!

Right on to some highlights of the group known as the CODE40K

The First Big Xmas game well at least the one I have photos of XMAS'06

This was I think pre apocalypse days and we came up with a flag scoring game using a massive city fight board.  You can see one such flag in picture 6.  Basically the side with control of the most buildings won.  Now if memory serves the conscript building using the ammo dump special rules caused mayhem in this game!  Also Honourary mention goes to LukoDakka for the plague ogryns in picture 3 they stole the show that day!  Also if you look closely you can see his face in the background of pic 4 which made me laugh!

This last shot shows the catachan jungle fighters hanging out in the big cathedral building we made for the event and I noticed on the yahoo group some work in progress shots of this beauty....

We put show much effort into this piece, alas we rarely used it as it was just too big!!  In the end I turned it into 3 seperate pieces so it could be used more often.  But for the first Xmas game it was the bomb!

As we moved in 2007 onwards Mr DarthDarlow, Hypaspist and Boss Bludtoof began to join us and we started to get bigger and crazier with our games.

DarthDarlow was the eldar Man and produce some great Biel Tan:

These were awesome although Darth to this day is the worlds best roller of 1's.  It got better on the vehicles where in a moment of sheer brilliance or madness Darth painted rose thorns on:

The thing that stikes me about this table is how devoid of terrain it is we certainly wouldn't do that these days!

2009 also saw the continuation of the ongoing war between my Space Wolves and Red Mists Khorne boys certainly a battle of the ages....

Love this photo really shows off the quality of Red Mists painting.  Don't fancy my Grey Hunters chances in this situation though!

2009 Also saw Hypaspist Stag Do....................... In a Battle Bunker yes a battle bunker remember them!

As with any stag do it wouldn't work without the obligatory T-Shirt

Action Shots

December 09 and we were at the big game antics again and this time Hypa had taken some great photos but also kindly captioned them which I shall re-create a few here....

The Setup

Who Let the Dogs Out

Never Trust A Grot With Paint


 Faasans of Em
 Impenetrable Shield
The Scout Lines Up an Ambitious Shot.

Stonking Game!

Ok I could keep going but the post is quite long now and my wife requires my presence.  All I would like to say for all the moaning we do about this hobby it gives some great times with great people!!!!

Signing off


Thursday, 14 November 2013

Warhammer Chapel Showcase

Hi All,

Doc here with a side shift into a small warhammer project.  Some time ago I picked up a plastic warhammer chapel off ebay on a bit of a whim.  Unfortunately it was extremely poorly put together with none of the sides lining up and the clock being stuck on upside down.  Also it had been put together with superglue.  Anyway I thought oh well live with it as it will probably break pulling it apart so I just started to paint it as it was!

If you look closely you will see the rail around the centre of the building doesn't line up at all!  In the end I simply couldn't live with it so I pulled it apart and luckily nothing broke! 

Here are some shots of the finished building which I used as an opportunity to use to have a second go at OSL and practice a wet blend which I used on the cream stone affect on the walls.  Overall I'm pretty pleased with the result.  As always feedback is welcome.

Thats All Folks DOC out....