Thursday, 14 November 2013

Warhammer Chapel Showcase

Hi All,

Doc here with a side shift into a small warhammer project.  Some time ago I picked up a plastic warhammer chapel off ebay on a bit of a whim.  Unfortunately it was extremely poorly put together with none of the sides lining up and the clock being stuck on upside down.  Also it had been put together with superglue.  Anyway I thought oh well live with it as it will probably break pulling it apart so I just started to paint it as it was!

If you look closely you will see the rail around the centre of the building doesn't line up at all!  In the end I simply couldn't live with it so I pulled it apart and luckily nothing broke! 

Here are some shots of the finished building which I used as an opportunity to use to have a second go at OSL and practice a wet blend which I used on the cream stone affect on the walls.  Overall I'm pretty pleased with the result.  As always feedback is welcome.

Thats All Folks DOC out....

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  1. Love this matey. Look forward to laying siege to it with my daemons.