Saturday, 26 October 2013

Code40k is Proud to Present Worcester War 2

Morning All,

DOC here back to announce CODE40k's second event aptly named Worcester War 2.  The event will be held on Saturday the 8th February 2014 so plenty of time to get painting and plotting.  The event gives players the opportunity to play 3 games of 40k at 1500pts.

We have taken the opportunity after the success of the first event to make things better!  Firstly the event will increase to 30 players.  Next we will put food on for the day following on from feedback from the first event.  There are some rule changes which will be discussed over the coming weeks after I have given people the chance to digest the rules pack.  Needless to say they are aimed at making the event easier to run and participate in.  Lastly and importantly we will have two organisers myself and Innermech to make it easier for us to help you guys enjoy your day. 

For this event we also have 2 sponsors Worcester Wargamers (many thanks to Andy the store owner) and Codedesignsuk both of which will be providing prizes for the event. 

Ok on to the pretty bit the poster:

Please feel free to share this :-)

Next the most important part the link to the rules pack and how you book your place is here:

Please post any questions you may have in the comments or send me an email, look forward to seeing you there.

DOC signing off.........


  1. Thanks for following and look forward to you joining us at WW2

  2. Count me in guys, looking forward to seeing you all again.