Sunday, 29 September 2013

Sons of Horus Justaerin Terminators continued

A quick update on my Sons of Horus Terminators I've been working on. I've now cleaned them up, patched up a few air bubbles and smoothed out the armour where necessary. They are all assembled now and pinned to their bases ready for undercoating. Looking forward to painting these bad boys now. These guys will be Abaddon's bodyguard who I will be getting started on fairly soon.
Just some pics of them below.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Thunderbolts Master of the Forge on Bike with Conversion Beamer.

Hi All

Finally finished my Master of the Forge on bike, it's taken quite a while since I first started this model. I spent a lot of time deciding how I wanted to do this one, I knew I wanted to use an attack bike as his ride with the conversion beamer in the sidecar, I just didn't know how I wanted to represent the gun. Bear in mind that I wanted to do this model as soon as I'd read the 5th edition marine codex, that's a while ago now and back then there was no model for the conversion beamer available unless you could get hold of the very old metal version from the rogue trader era dreadnoughts. Way back in the mists of time!
So I've been umming and arring for a long time, never quite happy with any of the ideas I had, then lo and behold the Contemptor was released a couple of years ago, with a conversion beamer available; alas I don't much like it, it's a bit too small for the look I had in mind.
So I looked around a bit more, saw some dudes version on ebay, he'd used a pair of lascannons in the sidecar, didn't like that much either. Then I was rummaging through my bitz box a while back when I was building my quad autocannon dread and found the remnants of an ironclad kit, specifically the bits that make the seismic hammer. The penny dropped as they say and I finally had my eureka moment, several sensor bitz, targeting gubbinz and some chopping later and I had my unique conversion beamer.
I wanted it to look BIG, I feel it should be something he's been tinkering on for many years in the depths of the forge, using his position of authority to mess with potentially dangerous ancient archeotech for the benefit of the chapter and what he's developed is a unique beam weapon.
Anyway see what you think......

Overall I'm pleased with the model, the master of the forge himself is built from the legs of a marine biker, the torso and head from the iron warriors forge father I've used bits from in one of my earlier techmarines, a biker right arm and the left arm from a missile launcher devastator, vehicle crew shoulder guards and a basic plastic backpack. Originally I'd looked at using a techmarine figure but cutting off the legs without messing up all the cabling and other details proved too much and rather than have it look messy I plumped for this.

As ever feedback is welcome.


Thursday, 19 September 2013

Code40k's Next Event: Thoughts on what that may look like.

Hi All,

Doc here, so a while back I promised to write some thoughts down on what it is like to run an event.  Well as per usual life has got in the way and it has taking me until now to get round to it.  Also its getting me round to the process of thinking about Worcester War II.

So after Worcester War we received quite a lot of positive feedback which was muchly appreciated!  However, like anything there were a few problems most notably I did not have a sound plan for when someone had to leave.  I ended stepping in to the breach...  this meant running and playing in the event.  This is not a good state of affairs and as such we will have two organisers in the next event to stop such a problem occurring again.

The other major cause of confusion was the scoring system using the old warhammer style victory points system.  This is where me the organiser playing was not good otherwise I could have gone to each table and helped the totting up process as they got to the end of the game. 

Ok, so the next train of thought is when will we play another WW and where will it be held?  Originally we thought along the lines of November.  Due to family commitments and such this is no longer an appropriate time.  So now the proposal will be end of Jan'14.  A geek weekend to get rid of post Christmas and the weather is shocking blues!

Proposed Changes

The main change I think needed to the event (and I promote comments) is to the scoring system to simplify it?  Last time we used a simple 10 for a win, 3 for a draw and 0 for loss.  This gave us a
basic ranking for the players.  Obviously many players would then have the same score and require the use of warhammer victory points to separate the players on the same score. 

I propose removing the warhammer points and using a bonus system to the points scored above:

+2pts for killing an independent character in a challenge.
+3pts for completing a secondary objective (these will be detailed in the rule pack but basically an extra little objective to go with the standard ones for the eternal war mission you will be playing)
+3pts for wiping out an opponent

-1pt for any unit which flees the battlefield (cowardice should not be rewarded!)
-3pts for being wiped out or conceding

This list isn't exhaustive thoughts people?

Another change I propose is to army composition to remove duplicate choices in elites, fast attack and heavy support sections.  I have read others thoughts around this particularly on from the fang who runs a successful blog wars event which is on to its 6th event now.  This will stop hell turkey lists amongst others and hopefully promote more varied army lists.  To coincide with this I will now ask for army lists to be sent prior to the event and approved. 

Ok, so these are my thoughts at present, feedback is always welcome especially as this is not set in stone.  The aim would to be have the rules pack, date and venue set by the end of October. 

In the meantime keep gaming people

DOC out.........

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Marine Reinforcements

After seeing Boss Bluddtoofs marine additions I felt I should also get mine up on the blog too.

here is Khan. i just need to do a base with a  bike on for him to go on, should (as he normally is) take Moondakkan


i got him before i got hold of the new marine codex and saw how great white scars are. good job i have all those bikes!!

next up is Kantor. a slight improvement in the new codex

i am always out on the hunt for a bargain

3 tactical squads
dev squad
10 terminators
assault squad
4 scouts all for £69

a pretty good deal for the sake of a bit of stripping and re modeling

from it i could make 3 tactical squads (different weapon load outs)
a 10 man assault squad (need a plasma pistol for sarg but that is it)
5 normal stormbolter terminators (squad fillers)
5 lightening claw terminators (need shoulder pads)
4 scouts with BP and CC

and 8 marines towards another tactical squad

some pics:

Finally my last 3 speeders to be painted up

and a rash purchase because i like the model

he will be used as a servitor for my inquisitors (rest of van saar gang to be bought!)

Finally my thoughts on the new marine codex.......AMAZING

character fluff good rules and best of all no significant change to the models i have.

looks like more kits to be bought in the next few weeks

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Latest Techmarine from the Thunderbolts Forge

Hi All

Been quite productive this week for a change and as promised I've finished my stand alone Techmarine. Also got my new marine codex and I'm very pleased overall, I like the new style chapter tactics and as the fluff for my chapter is that they're descended from the Iron Hands and I love my Dreads, the Iron Hands doctrines work nicely, I've also got my sergeants their Thunderhammers back, which in my fluff are awarded to veteran sergeants and other officers as marks of valorous and honourable action. I'm looking forward to feel no pain (even 6+) across the board and regenerating dreads and characters.
Anyway back to the latest Techmarine, he's a minor conversion using the Thunderfire Techmarine model with a basic plastic backpack chopped around and fitted with the Servo Arm from the Iron Warriors Forge Father, (that models torso is used in my Master of the Forge on bike, my next post...)

I'll be using him primarily to man the quad gun on my aegis defence line when I field it, another nice point in the new codex is that I can take him in a free slot if I have another non techmarine HQ and he's even modelled with an auspex for reducing cover saves.
Next job is to finish off my Master of the Forge on his bike and then on to painting the long awaited Contemptor Dreadnought and my ancients assault force will be ready for the field.


Monday, 9 September 2013

Thunderfire Cannon fresh from the Thunderbolts Forge

I've been a bit lax in my painting time recently and so it's a while since I finished anything and thus a long time since I posted here.
I'm currently working on a group of techmarines, firstly my new Thunderfire Cannon. The techmarine is built from parts from various sources; the body and right arm are my old metal techmarine which was the first figure I painted for my Thunderbolts many years ago (stripped of course), the servo harness is from the thunderfire kit and the bionic left arm is from an Iron Warriors forge father which I picked up at Games Day a couple of years ago.
Here's a few pics....

Next, and hopefully to be posted later this week is a stand alone techmarine with servo arm.

That's all for now. As ever feedback is always welcome.