Thursday, 12 September 2013

Latest Techmarine from the Thunderbolts Forge

Hi All

Been quite productive this week for a change and as promised I've finished my stand alone Techmarine. Also got my new marine codex and I'm very pleased overall, I like the new style chapter tactics and as the fluff for my chapter is that they're descended from the Iron Hands and I love my Dreads, the Iron Hands doctrines work nicely, I've also got my sergeants their Thunderhammers back, which in my fluff are awarded to veteran sergeants and other officers as marks of valorous and honourable action. I'm looking forward to feel no pain (even 6+) across the board and regenerating dreads and characters.
Anyway back to the latest Techmarine, he's a minor conversion using the Thunderfire Techmarine model with a basic plastic backpack chopped around and fitted with the Servo Arm from the Iron Warriors Forge Father, (that models torso is used in my Master of the Forge on bike, my next post...)

I'll be using him primarily to man the quad gun on my aegis defence line when I field it, another nice point in the new codex is that I can take him in a free slot if I have another non techmarine HQ and he's even modelled with an auspex for reducing cover saves.
Next job is to finish off my Master of the Forge on his bike and then on to painting the long awaited Contemptor Dreadnought and my ancients assault force will be ready for the field.



  1. Tweedy,

    I like this dude and me and Jas have just picked up a techmarine each. Also I have a Iron Warrior back pack in my bits box so I may do a bit of copying!!