Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Scibor 54mm Display Piece

Hi All,

So to start this post heres a question; How many of our mothers take a genuine interest in our Hobby?  Well im nearly 33 and still remember when i was boy, my mum painting the goblins from 3rd edition warhammer gold!!  Yes the classic of not shaking the paint up first!  The funny thing is she was so happy with her efforts.  Anyway i digress... 6 months ago my mum asked, "when are you going paint me something for my mantle piece" me, "er never"  After the hotspot noise had gone off in the room it changed to, "you are going to paint me something!"  Me recovering composure and seizing an oppurtunity, "ok its your 60th birthday early next year ill do one for then!" (thinking thats ages away and she will forget!)

Fast forward to today guess what she didnt forget and reminded me so at xmas!  And joking aside its quite nice to be asked to a display piece.  So next question is what to do? and how to get it done for the 16th March 2013!  (there will be no deadline stretch on this one!)   So after playing on the internet for a few hours i chose:  (drum roll).......

"Alfred The Fearless Monster Killer" by scibor minatures

This is the first scibor figure i have bought and to be fair i wasnt entirely happy with the mold, sheer amount of flash and how brittle the hat and gun are!  In the process of building the model the arm holding the gun broke.  This is now held together by three metal pins!  Despite this i like the figure and have added some little touches a cloth drape on the hat and a captains armband affair which i intend to use roman numerals to date the model!  Lastly i cut some rod up for used shell casings on the base.
Im not quite sure what the colour scheme will be yet but in my mind hes a witch hunter (Van Helsing) type character.  So muted shades i expect.  I will post pictures once ive finished it.
Thats all folks

Monday, 28 January 2013


So, SVA XII is just round the corner and I'm clearly not gonna get my marine drop pod list finished in time. I toyed with the idea of taking a Tau force, what with 6th ed being gun friendly, however after due consideration I still think Tau are out of their league and desperately in need of a new codex.
I then had a mooch round my painting room and spotted my Ork fighta/bomma kits still sat in their boxes since last year. Hey presto mega nobz, boyz, more boyz, grotz aplenty, kanz, lootas, kannonz, shokk attack gunz and the joyous dakka jet ahoy!!
Ork lists are just easy..... stick in all the glorious killy stuff you love and you're on to a winner, even if you lose every game! Most fun army in the hobby for my money. I can guarantee I'll have a great weekend stomping all over beakies and bad-beakies and stoopid pointy eared space demons. Haha!
Oh yeah and I'll also be taking my Skullhamma battlefortress and some rokkit buggies for the mini apoc games! Sweet!
So, enough gloating! I've spent the last 2 days turning 1 1/2 fighta/bomma kits into a dakka jet suitable to grace the forces of Boss Bluddtoof. Here's a few piccies........

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Pre Heresy Death Guard Progress

Hi All,

So im back post christmas and new year blues.  So painting wise on the death guard i havent been able to do much over the festive period as i completed a couple of Necron projects for the code xmas bash.  (Ill post those separately).

After the purchase of Dark Vengenace at Games Day i set about taking off all the iconography using my new tool (xmas present from me to me!).  So to start this post off here is a couple of pictures of dark angel (DA) terminators minus the DA iconography.  Personally the standard terminator works for me not sure about the seargent the robes still make him look like a DA i think.  Particularly as im going to paint them white and green.  Any suggestions people??

Standard Terminator icons removed from shoulder pad, storm bolter and right leg.

Terminator Seargeant angel wings removed, icon removed from shoulder pad and storm bolter.
So i stated above havent been able to do much!  Well i have done some....  Heres a couple more painted marines. 
So this guy is a DA from dark vengeance cleaned up as above and painted.  I will order up some Death Guard transfers from forgeworld when i get the chance or may have a go using a skull transfers and free hand!  I think this shows it can work cleaning up the dark vengeance DA's and using them as something else!
Secondly another chaos marine figure painted up apoligies this shot is a little blurred.  Sorry i only have an i-phone for photography!  (one day ill put that right!)  I painted this one to get a feel as to whether of not fitting chaos marines and space marines together would work??  To illustrate this i took a photo with all three together.

Ok the bit where i ask do they work together or not??  My opinion is YES.  Put simply as i mentioned in the first post i cant afford forgeworld and im not good enough to convert everything so this is my compromise using a variation of model types.

Ive started 3 more... Some tips for painting white.  Finish painting the white armour last when washing try to get as little on the armour as possible it will save time later.  Several coats of heavily watered down white will give the crisp finish.  Lastly patience white is hard and unforgiving and im not the best painter in the world so you need to know when to leave it alone! 
Final picture is a sneak peak of some more in progress...  Well not really its a defiler claw.  I thought i need to know two more things will this work on a large scale model.  Secondly will the colour scheme work on the really chaosy stuff!
So it will be a few weeks before any more death guard comes out as it takes an age to paint them also as you will see from other posts ive got loads going on!  Lastly an appeal for genuine honest feedback; ultimately i put stuff on here to show others, help motivate myself with projects and also to improve my techniques.  Feedback can always help this.
Thats all folks

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Necron Triarch Stalker

Hi All,

Just before xmas i put the finishing touches to my triarch stalker and in the process learnt a clear lesson!

So firstly i hope you like the paint job im pretty happy and it matches up nicely with some of the previous work ive done.  This was my main concern with at least 6 months between this and the last time i painted crons.  Luckily (tip spoiler alert!) i had the foresight to make up two pots of the grey paint which is a self mix so i didnt have to remember how to make the colour!

So a clear lesson was mentioned in the intro...  So can you spot what is missing??
If you can then my error is clear, but if you can't then heres an explanation.  I decided in my infinite wisdom not to put the pilot in cockpit when i built the stalker thinking it would be easier to paint before puting him in.  Well it turns out yes it is easier to paint before putting it in but then i could not get him in the seat properly! Specifically the spine part which attaches to the machine in three separate places.  So after turning the air blue i simply gave up with that piece!!  So the moral of the story MEN of the world is follow the instructions!!  At minimum read them!
At the end of this cautionary tale i conclude this post.....
Thats all folks