Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Scibor 54mm Display Piece

Hi All,

So to start this post heres a question; How many of our mothers take a genuine interest in our Hobby?  Well im nearly 33 and still remember when i was boy, my mum painting the goblins from 3rd edition warhammer gold!!  Yes the classic of not shaking the paint up first!  The funny thing is she was so happy with her efforts.  Anyway i digress... 6 months ago my mum asked, "when are you going paint me something for my mantle piece" me, "er never"  After the hotspot noise had gone off in the room it changed to, "you are going to paint me something!"  Me recovering composure and seizing an oppurtunity, "ok its your 60th birthday early next year ill do one for then!" (thinking thats ages away and she will forget!)

Fast forward to today guess what she didnt forget and reminded me so at xmas!  And joking aside its quite nice to be asked to a display piece.  So next question is what to do? and how to get it done for the 16th March 2013!  (there will be no deadline stretch on this one!)   So after playing on the internet for a few hours i chose:  (drum roll).......

"Alfred The Fearless Monster Killer" by scibor minatures

This is the first scibor figure i have bought and to be fair i wasnt entirely happy with the mold, sheer amount of flash and how brittle the hat and gun are!  In the process of building the model the arm holding the gun broke.  This is now held together by three metal pins!  Despite this i like the figure and have added some little touches a cloth drape on the hat and a captains armband affair which i intend to use roman numerals to date the model!  Lastly i cut some rod up for used shell casings on the base.
Im not quite sure what the colour scheme will be yet but in my mind hes a witch hunter (Van Helsing) type character.  So muted shades i expect.  I will post pictures once ive finished it.
Thats all folks


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