Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Terrain Glorious Terrain

Hi All,

Doc here back with another post.  So by now you might be starting to realise i have lots of projects on the go.......

Warning this post will have lots of picture and not lots of words although ill add some for artistic licence!  Ive previously mentioned i like building and painting terrain.  So as i havent done any for a couple of years i thought i would get some new stuff up and running.  So heres some work in progress shots...

Space Marine Statue (Speaks for itself painting it however opens up options!)

Citadel trees, i have to say im a real fan of these and i like the fact they are free standing and can be removed from the base when playing!  I will be adding the canopies after painting.

Scatter terrain in my opinion is vital.  Often i see tables with little terrain!! As a general rule in my opinion i like a lot of terrain!  This piece is made from spares and a small feature from the honoured imperium set.

This piece is themed for the necrons and sports some scibor minatures egyptian pieces.

Closer shot of the egyptian pieces.

Ill post completed pics when they are all done. 

Thats all folks


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