Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Saga (Gaming not Ageing)

Hi All,

Doc here again and on a posting roll for 2013.  This is a small one to keep the hand on the tiller so to speak.  So as i write this i have a couple of weeks to my second Saga gaming event.  If at this point your thinking what are you on about take a look at my first saga post.

So the second event being run by wyvern wargames ups the anti to 6 pts.  That means more figures... It also means more painting.....

So ive plumped for Levies as it will give me access to missile fire from gripping beast. Im really looking forward to taking part in more aspects of the game so ive also plumped for some cavalry from warlord games.  I have a vision of some cool looking blue warpaint on the bare chests of the cavalry but well see how it goes!!

So my building project continues apace.  Its a deliberate effort to get all the figures i have lying around built and undercoated.  Next for building space wolves!  Once again ill post a picture when these are painted.  Over and Out DOC


  1. Nice. Been thinking about starting Saga myself.

  2. Thanks, It makes a great change to GW stuff and not expensive to start. Ive just about finished painting these they will be posted soon.