Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Space Wolf Reinforcements

Hi All,

DOC again and more building of models (how many more you say) LOTS is the answer!!  So this week ive been adding to my space wolf army and i ashamed to say every figure in this post is present of one sort or another and as yet i have done nothing with them! Not any longer!

Ok first up Canis Wolfborn (in metal thats how long ive had him to do!) This guy weighs in... easily the heaviest model ive done for a while and a real pain to put together.  I drilled and pinned as many parts as possible.  I think if you dont with this much weight it will get broken.  Ive also filled in all the gaps with the greenstuff and used the thousand son head from the thunderwolf sprue on the base.

Two more thunderwolves ready to pounce.  This is the remainder from my set of three.  Please see my other thunderwolf post.  Ive decided to make my squad of thunderwolves troop killers and survivable.  So ive armed one with a wolf claw and storm shield (see post link), one with storm shield and close combat weapon and one with close combat weapon and bolt pistol.  This will allow me to position the unit in order to keep them alive I.E storm shield guy at front wolf claw at back.

This forgeworld dreadnought was a birthday present for my 30th (im nearly 33!) from the other members of the code Thanks Guys!  My only problem with this model is the cool banner (not in the picture) which is huge but will be easily broke.  Ive decided to put a long pin into it so i can slot it in before each game and take it out for casing purposes.  The base is from 616 Designs and this is my third space wolf dreadnought see these previous posts,  this post and lastly this post.

Fenrisian Wolves (ok its not) but thats what im going to use them as.  My good friend Hendrix gave me 5 of these so ive green stuffed there backs with fur and this will take me up to twenty fenrisian wolves!  Heres my previous fenrisian wolves post.  With Canis and Thunderwolves it will be a niced themed list to play with.

Last picture is Arjac Rockfirst an xmas present from 2011.  Not much to say about this, apart from awesome model looking forward to painting this one!
Well guys as you can see the stack grows ever bigger for painting once again youll see them again when they have paint on (not sure which year yet though!)
Thats All Folks

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