Thursday, 21 March 2013

Cultists Rise UP

Hi All.

For this post I'm going to showcase my newly painted cultists.  They will be part of my new chaos army. These cultists are made up of dark vengeance models, catchan models, forgeworld enforcers (for the sergeants) and empire bits.  Quite an eclectic mix i hear you say..... Yes but i think it works.  Without further ado pictures commence...

Squad 1
Stubbers,  Right hand one converted using a heavy stubber from a chimera

Cultists note right hand model uses an empire head

Enforcers (being used as Sergeants)

Close up, this is my favourite of the figures done

Another Squad Shot
Anyway folks short post today, what do you think of the result then? 
Thats all folks

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Chaos Terminators

With all the SVA related activate going on I was feeling a little left out.

This gave me the motivation to paint some Slaanesh Terminators I converted a while ago but never got round to finishing.

They’re all tooled up for close combat with “counts as” lightning claws.

 I hard coated the armour plates to give them a highly glossed look, after all followers of Slaanesh enjoy polishing their helmets.

Somehow I can’t help feeling they need more tentacles… 

Monday, 11 March 2013

Orkoid Air Superiority

Hello All

I've now finished the last of my models for the upcoming SVA XIII, my dakkajet, "Da Flying Squig".
If you're contemplating your own Ork fighta/bomma for the first time then the best advice I can give is that it is quite a large model and there's a lot of painting on this baby! Now I'm not a quick painter by any means, I like to take my time with just about everything I paint but my Ork paint scheme is far quicker to complete than, for example, my marine paint scheme. So after building this model, which uses components from 2 bomma kits, I realised I would have to treat it like I would any other large Ork vehicle, there was no way I was gonna paint it in a weekend as I would a dread or buggy. So first up I decided against a "red paint job", rules wise it doesn't need it and I also wanted to paint it as fresh out of da meks workshop and hurtling into the fray with some of it's welds still cooling!
The first step then in my vehicle paint scheme (this applies to all my ork vehicles with no visible krew fixed in place) is to paint all the plates and mechanical bits in the full range of metallic shades I possess, so as to give the impression of a patchwork of looted scrap from a wide range of sources. I select one paint at a time and paint random sections and plates in that colour, repeat for the 8 metallic shades in my collection. The resulting metallic base coats look like this.........

The areas which are still black undercoat will be painted in maily red, white or black, the primary colours of Waaaaggghh! Bluddtoof, or they will carry Bluddtoofs logo, the red and white teeth on a black background. A few of the other ares will be painted in a random selection of bright primary shades, again to suggest random looted parts.
The next step though is to wash all the metallic areas with a succession of ink washes, in series I use Ogryn Flesh, Gryphonne Sepia, Devlan Mud and Badab Black, of couse these are from GWs old paint range, from the new range I would use their equivalents.
I apply the second and subsequent washes in smaller and smaller quantities whilst the previous wash is still wet, this allows the colours to blend together in a patchy fashion and once dry gives a very dirty, flat look to the metal as seen here....

Next I'll paint all the red areas, this starts with a base coat of the old foundation paint mechrite red followed by layers of mephiston red and finally a baal red wash. Once that's done all the other panels and gubinz wil be painted in a variaty of bright primary colours and washed with the relevant shades.
The last step is a fresh coat of black on the panels which will carry the tooth pattern, followed by the painting of the teeth themselves.
This is the plane complete with glyphs, transfers, the pilot and windscreen (which were painted seperately) and finished base.........

So that's it, Waaaagggghhhhh! Bluddtoof is all done and ready to hit SVA XIII. Hope to see many of you there and Crump you all to bits!!


Sunday, 10 March 2013

Blood for the Blood God!!!!

Hi Everyone,

Red Mist here, as you know I've been quiet for a while now, but that doesn't mean I've not been busy.

Once again, in two weeks, the code40k guys are traveling down to Reading for SVAXIII and we all love a bit of SVA.
What to take this year? 
Well after a short think I fell back on my first true love.... Khorne Chaos Marines. 

So with a bit of TLC and some new bases and banners behold 'Harkan The Slaughterer' with his loyal, or is that underhand, champions.

As my fellow geeks on the code know, I love terminators, so what better than two squads.

The Brotherhood of Khorne...

and the Brotherhood of Iron...

Backing them up and providing some firepower a Veteran  Iron Warriors squad... 

I love the Chaos Boon Table, pity then that nobody that I play ever excepts a challenge, you know who you are...

So I need  a Daemon Prince and a Spawn, just in case Chaos blesses me, one way or another.

A couple of years ago fellow blogger and scratch builder genius Hypaspist built two, yes two, warhound titans for an apoc game. Once the  smoke had cleared one passed into the loving care of Brother toonboy78.

The other a smashed, ruin scattered across the battlefield fell into the hand of my dark warpsmiths. Now two years on arise INDATOR MORTIS 'The Death Bringer' Titan of Khorne.

Look out SVA death is coming... and his name is Khorne!!!!

Red Mist signing off

Friday, 1 March 2013

Da Doom Fortress Cometh

Hello All

After a hectic spate of kustomisation, Big Mek Grubnutz has completed yet another mighty war machine for Waaaggghhh! Bluddtoof, and Da Boss is most pleased.
This model started out nearly 10 years ago as a lowly battlewagon, though having said that I did get a little carried away and it was far too big, having a 3rd set of wheels making it nearly 18" long!
I immediately chopped it down to 2 axles and produced a battlewagon about 12" long, open topped with rokkit launchas, bolt on big shootas a death rolla and a decent passanger capacity.
It was still too big for standard games and the few times I used it it did poorly so I decided to convert it to a battle fortress for use in Apocalypse games, so I fitted an ard case in the form of the corugated roofs and walls and gave it 3 big guns in the form of a kannon, zzapp gun and lobba all in turrets. In this guise it took to the field in a few apocalypse games and was much enjoyed.
Now with SVA XIII looming I decided I wanted a Tanka mob in my apoc list for the weekend so after perusing the Kustom Battle Fortress entry in Imperial Armour Apocalypse II I've retro fitted it with an all new Hull Mounted Supa Kannon and turret mounted Kill Kannon and Big Zzappa, along with a pintle mounted twin linked big shoota.
Here's some piccies...

Future plans for Da Doom Fortress are some grot sponsons and removal of some of the corugation on the flanks to allow fitting of grot bombs or supa rokkits! Mwahahahahahahahaha!!
Next up will be the dakkajet which I'm currently working on....