Sunday, 24 May 2015

Pre Heresy Death Guard Legion Rapier - Showcase

Afternoon All,

I am here to finally showcase something I have painted in 2015 on the 24th May!  Wow that's real life for you. Today's showcase is my newly finished Legion Graviton Rapier.  I am really looking forward to getting into 30k and this is another step in the road.  Hopefully in January the CODE40k group can finally have our first game of 30k.  This will follow nicely on from our usual December event here on the blog.

In any case that is a long way off and I need to get more models built and painted for then.  Back to the rapier; the model you may notice, is missing the spindles from the cannon.  I have them I just don't like them so have deliberately omitted them. Secondly and this is where I need some advice the main barrel of the cannon is slightly warped.  I have heated it up and tried to correct this but once it cooled it returned to the same warped shape. Any advice on this would be cool please??

The model itself uses sponge weathering techniques and weathering powders to achieve the war torn look I am going for with my Death Guard.  I was tempted with more OSL from the blue light source within the barrel but having tried it I didn't like the finish so backed away from that idea.  I also changed out the plume head for a none helmet head on the pointing marine just to make mine look a little different to others. Also I thought the plume head would come in handy for a sergeant model later down the line.  As always constructive comments are most welcome:

As I have finally got started for the year I have awarded myself 10 painting points!

Next up more Death Guard...

Thats all folks

Doc Out

Monday, 18 May 2015

Showcase; Imperial Knight Errant Freeblade

Hi All

Here are some pictures of my completed (almost) Imperial Knight Errant Freeblade. I say almost because I've still got some weathering to do yet. He'll have a mix of snow, ice and icicles eventually. I'm waiting on delivery of some bits and bobs I've ordered to do that. Once they arrive and I get it done I'll post finished pictures.
Meanwhile here's pics of the finished paintjob....

As you can see I've added Thunderbolts iconography and colour to the right shoulder guard to signify the knights current allegiance, I'll maintain this across all my future knights, all of which will be freeblades. All my knights will represent freeblades who have been attracted to the forge world protected by my space marine chapter, The Thunderbolts, an Iron Hands successor chapter. You can find a great many posts about my Thunderbolts Chapter of Space Marines in this bogs' archives.
I'm well pleased, this was a major project for me; not the biggest model I've done, that would be my scratch built Big Mek Stompa, but by far the most detailed and complex on such a large scale. In comparison the Stompa has a much more basic finish with significantly less detail.
With regard to the new techniques I've tried, I'm pleased; the OSL behind the visor hasn't quite worked but it hasn't been the disaster it could have been, more practice needed on that. The base has worked really well and I'm now completely sold on the idea of putting as much effort into the base as the figure. My work on the Eldar Corsairs has reinforced that for me, see them here.
The freehand vines and thorns I like and am really pleased with; I'll be going back to my Hornet to do some freehand work on that as soon as I've decided on the iconography for the band.
I hope you like this, please feel free to give C and C as usual.


Thursday, 7 May 2015

Imperial Knight Freeblade, some more WIP

Hi All

So with all the planning for WW4 done I find myself with some time on my hands; when I'm not building hen houses and pens or digging holes in the garden that is.
I've returned to work on my Imperial Knight Freeblade, not much left to do and I hope to bring him to WW4 for some post campaign friendly action. Both shoulder pads and the right arm still to go now.
Here's a few shots of the model so far...

I've fixed the now complete left arm in place, after much thought and experimenting with magnets, I found that magnetising the shoulder pads was just too much effort for the benefit of having removable arms. When it comes to transport I'm going to make some custom cases to fit each knight I make specifically. Also being pretty big and cumbersome I'd rather maintain their structural integrity on the table.
That's it for now, I'll be doing more on this in the next couple of weeks, stay tuned for more WIP and the final showcase.


Saturday, 2 May 2015

Apoc Day - January 2015

Hi All,

I have been meaning to post this up for some time now.  Back in January the code40k members got together and had a big apoc game based on the Pandorax book.  Redmist and Trevdog did a fantastic job of getting us organised.

It also gave me a chance to use the 9 tiles I now have for my realm of battle board.  Well 8 realm tiles and 1 forgeworld mechanicus tile.

Essentially the rest of the post will now commence with a picture dump which showcases the game and many super heavy vehicles!  This was great fun and hopefully this can help inspire you to get you wont regret it.

What do you reckon inspiring?

As always let me know your thoughts on the scale of this game and the super heavies involved.


DOC out