Thursday, 7 May 2015

Imperial Knight Freeblade, some more WIP

Hi All

So with all the planning for WW4 done I find myself with some time on my hands; when I'm not building hen houses and pens or digging holes in the garden that is.
I've returned to work on my Imperial Knight Freeblade, not much left to do and I hope to bring him to WW4 for some post campaign friendly action. Both shoulder pads and the right arm still to go now.
Here's a few shots of the model so far...

I've fixed the now complete left arm in place, after much thought and experimenting with magnets, I found that magnetising the shoulder pads was just too much effort for the benefit of having removable arms. When it comes to transport I'm going to make some custom cases to fit each knight I make specifically. Also being pretty big and cumbersome I'd rather maintain their structural integrity on the table.
That's it for now, I'll be doing more on this in the next couple of weeks, stay tuned for more WIP and the final showcase.


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  1. That is one gigantic base! Man he just towers over everybody! Look out FW knights!