Sunday, 30 January 2011


Hi All,

First off is a progress shot of Njal. The second shot is a finished shot of Njal. Apoligies for photo quality my camera isnt the greatest. Feedback and ideas on how to improve the finish is most welcome.


Saturday, 29 January 2011

Thunderbolts Advance!!

Hello All.

I've been busy this week on more of my Thunderbolts, in preparation for next months SVA XI
tournament. It's going a lot better and faster than I'd thought. Huzzah!!
Here's a few pics of the latest stuff....

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Thunderbolts Rock In


Firstly, hello to all and a happy new year.

Secondly this is my first attempt at blogging so please bear with me.

I'm going to attempt this year to keep this blog up to date with my progress through the
years modelling and painting projects....... no I WILL keep it up to date!!

So objectives for the year are:

1: Finish my 2000pt Thunderbolts list for SVA XI. (no choice there!)
2: Paint my approx 3000pt Thunderbolts drop pod army
3: Build a new terrain set (to cover a 6'x4' board) themed to my Thunderbolts arctic setting
4: Start collecting and paint at least 1 full unit for a Nurgle marine force

Should be a breeze!!

Friday, 21 January 2011

Slow but Steady Stompa progress!

Very much in theme with the Previous post I too have some solid Hobbying objectives... though, most of mine are somewhat restrictive in nature!

Last year, I promised myself I wouldn't buy any more models until I had painted the ones I had (for the record this was somewhere close to 10k of Dark Angels, 2k Sisters of Battle, 3k Orks)


I painted 2k of Orks.....

.. Bought more Orks, Bought some Chaos Space Marines (about..., maybe 5k's worth?) Traded Sisters for Tyranids... and bought more Tyranids... (perhaps 6k in total?)

*ahem... *

anyway, this year, my designs are more modest (especially as I got some Elysians for Christmas!)

1) Do NOT start any more armies (I have resigned myself to the fact that I *will* buy more models, restricting it to current armies is at least a step in the right direction!)

2) Paint as many figures as I have made/bought. (to date this is 97 figures and we are still in January... :-O )

3) Build at least 50% of my City Scenery (I won this a couple of years ago in a store auction £100 box for £30, bargain! only, I've never built any yet... *sigh* )

4) Suck less at SVA. (This should be easy, last year I was 0/4/1 W/L/D )

I can't do worse.... (right?)

So there we have it, some Hobby related targets for the New Year!

Onto the update!

so it's been a month (ish) since the last update. I've made what I consider to b e good progress. (it will still be tight to get this Dreadmob finished, but I am beginning to get on a roll I think)

Last time, there wasn't really a single completed model... Well today I can exclusively reveal not one, not two, not three, but FOUR completed* Stompa-Kans!!!

(*when I say complete, I mean built and unbased/painted)

I have also constructed a Kilkannon and Rippa Klaw arm for a Mega Dread (this needs more work, pictures another time)

And furthermore completed all the Structures needed for every Kan/Dread/Mega/Meka Dread. and these shall appear as they are completed. (My wife is also very pleased as this means less blue foam being carved all over the house!)
Hope you enjoy the pictures.
so my progress chart (oh yes) now looks like this.
Meka Dread 0/1
Dread 0/4
Kans 4/15
Mega Dread 0/3
and these have to be ready by Feb 26th you say?
Back to the Mekshop!

Saturday, 1 January 2011

2010 objectives NOW its 2011! HAPPY NEW YEAR

Hi All,

Well its the first day of 2011 time to wrap up 2010 objectives and set 2011's.


1. Play 24 games in 2010 of 40K and Fantasy. (27 Games played)
2. Paint 100 figures. (only 56 models painted in 2010)
3. Build river and bridge (fully built see early posts for pics)
4. Compete in the most sporting manner possible (the most difficult objective to judge but i think on the whole ive improved and become more conscious of my opponents enjoyment of the game than ever before)

Score 3/4.

Not bad 2011's objectives are

1. Play 20 games in 2011. (this is less so i concentrate on the modelling side of the hobby)
2. Paint 120 figures in 2011. (10 per month an update on the blog)
3. Build a Mono rail terrain piece for 40K.
4. Build objective markers for 40k and fantasy armies

I would encourage all hobbyists to set themselves objectives for the year ahead. It certainly helped me achieve in 2010 and i hope it will in 2011.