Saturday, 31 May 2014

Deadzone update - Completed Enforcers

Hi All,

So in true DOC style I left finishing my enforcers to day before our Deadzone day.  Well when I say finishing I actually started and completed 7 of these models today!!  The first batch I completed are here.  Nice to add a further 8 points to my tally!

Anyway on to the showcase:

So there you go all done.  Whilst not my best efforts, as with the first batch I again got to practice sponge weathering.  My main concern moving forward to more precision work is getting a small enough piece of sponge so I can just catch the edges more accurately.  I might make myself a tool with small piece of sponge on the end?  Ill have a think on that one.  Anybody else got a good idea for this please comment below.

The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed I have more painting points than I have posted up on here. That is because my next post will be my already completed Imperial Knight.  Why Doc have you not shown it until now?  Well that's because I wanted to surprise Red Mist with it in our recent 4K battle.  It was nice to plop such an imposing model down as a surprise and his face was well worth it!  So it seems Code40K is about to have an Imperial Knight segment!

Thats all for now folks

DOC out...

Deadzone Plague Strike Team Completed

Hi All

Huzzah! I've finished my Plague models for Deadzone and with a couple of days to spare before our Day of Deadzone on Sunday. The last 3 models are a pair of Stage 2 and a mutated Teraton.
Here's a few pics of them.....

Stage 2...


and the last Stage 2....

finally all 3...

I've enjoyed painting these as a change from my usual 40k stuff, I'm pleased with the finish and I'm really looking forward to seeing them on the table. It's also been a great start to my hobby points system which I started at the same time as this project, these points will go toward some of the shiny new Ork stuff from GW.
But for now my next project is my Imperial Knight, stay tuned for WIP posts over the coming weeks, I intend to try magnetising for the first time and I'm going to try my hand at some OSL also for the first time.
Any tips to share on either technique are always welcome.
That's it for now, next post will be a report on Sundays Day of Deadzone....


Friday, 30 May 2014

Terrain (new and old)

One item I have never put as much effort in to has been terrain. I have always used boxes, mega blocks or odd bits of scenery here and there. Nothing has looked uniform and as if it should be there.

So this year I am making an effort to correct this. I have a home-made board (see earlier blog entry) and now want to populate it with terrain that is correct and looks like it should be there.

First up I am updating some terrain I made back in the mid-nineties for my Warhammer games. As with the style back then everything was Goblin Green!

Here are some hills and a river. The grey fits in with the board. They could probably do with another coat but they look like they should be on my board.

While these are nice I want some more buildings. I have quite a few that I picked up a few years ago but more is always better. I see a lot of games with a very sparse amount of blocking terrain and people then complaining their army got shot top pieces!

I have started these:

I have used the GW tech paint to give the copper effect. I think it has worked well. I may have used a bit too much on the statue, but a bit more dry-brushing and highlighting should tone it back.

Here is my prize for winning Worcester War, a Skyshield. The 2 pics show that the flaps do move!

Finally I have still been painting my ever expanding Marine force. another squad of Sternguard. this time with Combi-grav guns. these my go well in an unbound force with Kantor offering the Objective secured rule to them! Looks like a 3rd squad is in order.

I hope to get a bit more time spent on the hobby in the next few months.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Deadzone Plague W.I.P.

Hi All

Here again with an update on my Deadzone Plague models, just 3 to finish off now.
I've got them all to the stage where the fleshy and bony bits are done up to the yellow glaze stage, so a few details to do on that and then just the remains of the clothing on the Plague Teraton and the bases of all three.

Here's a few pics of the wip.....

Plague Teraton...

Stage 2s...

That's it for now, hopefully I'll get these done by Sunday....


Monday, 26 May 2014

Deadzone Plague Mortar Team and Boomstick

Hi All

Here are the latest additions to my Plague Strike Team; a Stage 3a Mortar Team and Stage 3a with Boomstick. In the game these are really effective at clearing open areas or blasting snipers out of their elevated perches.
Here's pics....

Just 3 models left to paint for the team now, a pair of Stage 2s and a Plague Teraton.

More on them soon.....


Friday, 23 May 2014

Return to Code40k - Playing 40k a different way Game 3

Morning All,

Today marks the 3rd game in our semi regular series we have dubbed the Return to Code40k.  This is story driven campaign where we have used our imagination to come up with a story arc and from this designed unique scenarios.  If you haven't read the original posts and want to understand the story please see here, here and finally here.

So in basic recap the Eldar stole in to claim the necron artifact at the end of the last game.  What will be the response to this.  Well in true marine fashion they plot a surgical strike........

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Run for the Hills! Deadzone Plague Swarm.

Hi All

Keeping up the fantastic progress on my Deadzone Plague models this week, I'm very pleased with the speed with which I'm cracking through these models, not like me at all.
Anyway enough of that here's the latest addition; Plague Swarm, a base full of 'orrible mutated vermin and giant insects....

In the game I really like this model; agile, v.tough, ap2 and fights on a 3+. Looking forward to seeing it munch its way through the enemy next weekend.

More to come....


Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Dogs of War!

Hi All

Going well this week, I've finished my 4 Hellhounds for my Deadzone Plague strike team in pretty quick time. It's looking good for having most of my plague models finished in time for the codes deadzone get together.
Here's a few pics of the Hounds....

Next up will be the plague swarm, a mortar team and a stage 3a with boomstick.

Stay tuned for pics


Friday, 16 May 2014

The Plague Consumes All! Corporation Soldiers Succumb!

Hi All

So I've now completed the latest batch of Plague models for Deadzone, 5 Stage 3a, including a General and HMG model. I've painted them in the remains of military uniform as I want all my stage 3 team members to look like the corrupted remains of a corporation military unit caught up in the outbreak. It also helps to tie them together on the board I think.
Here's a few piccies of the finished models...

Next up are my 4 stage 3d "Hellhounds", piccies of them to come soon....


Thursday, 15 May 2014

A New Thunderwolf (Bear) Lord WIP

Hi All,

DOC here again to give an update on my WIP thunderbear lord.  I originally posted up buiding the model up here. Once again a deadline is pushing this project along.  This time its a 4k game vs Red Mists Khorne some of which can be seen here.  Yes that's a Warhound you saw!!  We have decided not to play Apoc but rather try out escalation rules for the first time.  Not sure how I'm going to kill it mind you.  Anyway I digress here is some work in progress shots of my new lord:

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Deadzone Plague Strike Team W.I.P.

Hi All

Time for a little update on my Plague team for Deadzone, only a few weeks to go til the codes Day of Deadzone and I've still got a fair bit to do. I'm jumping on the band wagon and starting my own painting points system in an effort to incentivise myself.
So here's a few pics of the latest models from a few days ago...

and in their current state...

That's all the flesh and bony bits done, just the cloth, guns and bases left so they should be done this week.

That's all for now.