Saturday, 31 May 2014

Deadzone update - Completed Enforcers

Hi All,

So in true DOC style I left finishing my enforcers to day before our Deadzone day.  Well when I say finishing I actually started and completed 7 of these models today!!  The first batch I completed are here.  Nice to add a further 8 points to my tally!

Anyway on to the showcase:

So there you go all done.  Whilst not my best efforts, as with the first batch I again got to practice sponge weathering.  My main concern moving forward to more precision work is getting a small enough piece of sponge so I can just catch the edges more accurately.  I might make myself a tool with small piece of sponge on the end?  Ill have a think on that one.  Anybody else got a good idea for this please comment below.

The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed I have more painting points than I have posted up on here. That is because my next post will be my already completed Imperial Knight.  Why Doc have you not shown it until now?  Well that's because I wanted to surprise Red Mist with it in our recent 4K battle.  It was nice to plop such an imposing model down as a surprise and his face was well worth it!  So it seems Code40K is about to have an Imperial Knight segment!

Thats all for now folks

DOC out...

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