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Return to Code40k - Playing 40k a different way Game 3

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Today marks the 3rd game in our semi regular series we have dubbed the Return to Code40k.  This is story driven campaign where we have used our imagination to come up with a story arc and from this designed unique scenarios.  If you haven't read the original posts and want to understand the story please see here, here and finally here.

So in basic recap the Eldar stole in to claim the necron artifact at the end of the last game.  What will be the response to this.  Well in true marine fashion they plot a surgical strike........

Assault on the Eldar Vessel Lythar

The assault rams turned around to line up for their final thrust to pierce the outer hull of the Eldar vessel. Obscured by ion and solar spikes the Astartes assault crafts had come upon the Eldar unnoticed. Itol Kluvius carried out his final checks before signalling over his internal com to the battle brothers in the cabin with him. "Brothers we go in two minutes. You know the drill." With a jolt and a screaming roar from the reverse thrusters the craft dived towards the target. Kluvius braced himself with the rest of his force.

750pts per side

Marines have two entry points chosen by commander
Eldar have 6 entry points

Before alarm is set off eldar have 8 sentries.  Sentries are moved at the beginning of each marine turn, each player rolls a d6 the winner moves the sentry the number of the dice roll.

Setting off the alarm.  If an Eldar model can see a marine player he will set the alarm off if still alive at the end of the marine players turn.  Gunfire will automatically set off the alarm.  If a sentry is killed in close combat roll a d6

1-5 No Alarm is set off
6 The sentry manages to get a signal out the alarm is raised

Commencement of the Intel points will raise the alarm.
Placing charges will raise the alarm
Destroying Doors will raise the alarm

Game Length - to a satisfactory conclusion

Marines can nominate the following specialists:

Demo Specialists X 2 = Marine gains armourbane
Intel Specialists X 2 = Marine can decode the Intel points faster.  Marine can open doors on a successful initiative test.  Opening doors in this fashion will not set of the alarm.


Two sabotage points Engine Room  - Charges need to be set at these points to allow the strike team to escape.  At least one sabotage point must be destroyed in order to stand a realistic chance of escape.  Each point has an Armour Value of 12 and 2 HP's

Two Intel points - The Eldar's reason for making raids on this planet is still unclear making extra Intel vital.  The two Intel points can be retrieved by being in contact with the point for three combat rounds.  They do not have to be consecutive.  The Intel points can be decoded in two rounds with an Intel specialist.

History suggests most of the eldar decision making is made by Farseer's spiritual leaders who it is thought can predict the future.  To a lesser extent Warlocks are also considered important in the eldar hierarchy.  Capture of any Farseer's and Warlocks is deemed vital.  To capture a model they must first be defeated in close combat and lose their last wound.  Once this is achieved roll a d6

1-2 The model has suffered critical injuries and will not survive
3-6 The model has been knocked unconscious and can be captured.  Nominate  a base contact model to carry the captured model.  Whilst carrying a captive the model can no longer charge and can only fire a pistol.

Victory Conditions
Eldar Player wins if the marine fails to destroy at least one sabotage point.  It is assumed without this the strike teams chances of escape are minimal.  This may mean they are captured trying to escape or destroyed.

All other results are marine victory however, each extra objective met will obtain information vital to the planets defence and the system as a whole.  We will decide the story arc based on the conclusion of this game.

I will post a write up of this game in the near future

Signing off.


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