Friday, 30 May 2014

Terrain (new and old)

One item I have never put as much effort in to has been terrain. I have always used boxes, mega blocks or odd bits of scenery here and there. Nothing has looked uniform and as if it should be there.

So this year I am making an effort to correct this. I have a home-made board (see earlier blog entry) and now want to populate it with terrain that is correct and looks like it should be there.

First up I am updating some terrain I made back in the mid-nineties for my Warhammer games. As with the style back then everything was Goblin Green!

Here are some hills and a river. The grey fits in with the board. They could probably do with another coat but they look like they should be on my board.

While these are nice I want some more buildings. I have quite a few that I picked up a few years ago but more is always better. I see a lot of games with a very sparse amount of blocking terrain and people then complaining their army got shot top pieces!

I have started these:

I have used the GW tech paint to give the copper effect. I think it has worked well. I may have used a bit too much on the statue, but a bit more dry-brushing and highlighting should tone it back.

Here is my prize for winning Worcester War, a Skyshield. The 2 pics show that the flaps do move!

Finally I have still been painting my ever expanding Marine force. another squad of Sternguard. this time with Combi-grav guns. these my go well in an unbound force with Kantor offering the Objective secured rule to them! Looks like a 3rd squad is in order.

I hope to get a bit more time spent on the hobby in the next few months.

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