Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Deadzone Update - Enforcers

Hi All,

So after my last post about painting points I realised I hadn't made much inroads to my painting back log. The code40k team are having a Deadzone day on the 1st June.  So with that target in mind I have started my enforcers.  So first confession these models are far from perfect!  Essentially I see them as playing pieces first and as such I wanted a quick but quality finish.

As normal with my painting in recent times I wanted to try something new, in this case sponge weathering. Recently I have really enjoyed trying new techniques and I am particularly keen to perfect this technique for use on my pre heresy death guard army.

So on to the finished models.   Close Combat Enforcer:

These models are ok in quality not as good as GW but not bad as access to the game is really cheap compared to GW.  The models also have a clear undersuit and over plate sections.  For the paint scheme I went left field and decided literally at the moment I started painting.  

The paint scheme is relatively simple to achieve as all the base colours were put down followed by a wash of agrax earthshade all over.  The grey is then highlighted with the orignal colour and the orange highlighted with yellow.  The metal areas are then picked out.  After that I went on to the new technique sponge weathering. Like everyone to learn something new I went straight to you tube and typed sponge weathering.  There is plethera of videos out there on the technique so I encourage anyone attempting this for the first time to do the same.

I choose to weather with two different colours firstly charadon granite and secondly bolt gun metal.  Overall I am pleased with my first attempt.  I wanted them to look like they have really been in the wars.  Lastly one thing I'm really not happy with is the mold lines.  I know I wanted them up and running without the use of too much time but my advice is always take the little extra time on the preparation as in the end it will ruin the finish.

The gun emplacements have been painted to match the colour scheme and didn't take to long.  Well that's it for this update and I'm happy to move onto 5 pts!



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