Saturday, 10 May 2014

I need to stop buying models - Painting Points

Hi All,

Doc here with another dose of were I'm at....  So a couple of the guys and me went to forgeworld open day and I spent a decent wod of cash as you do!  However before I went after discussions with the boss (wife) I voluntarily decided to introduce a system of painting points.   Now I'm not the only one doing this Dale over on Realm of 40K has also introduced a similar system. Have a read of Dales post here.  So why painting points?  In reality the reason is my backlog of mini's to paint is huge and to be frank I would concede I have bought more than what I have painted in the last two years.

So Dale has his system and at first I thought I would copy it, but then me being me kind of wanted a simpler system.  Easy to follow.  Firstly as Forgeworld open day was at the end of March the intention is to run for a financial year.

Simply my points will be as follows:

1pt = £1

1pt = 25mm round base model or 20mm square base
2pts = 40mm round base or 25mm sqaure base
5pts = 60mm base, Chariot Warhammer Base or Character Model
10pts = Tanks, Mosters or Larger

I will be putting a painting points tally in the sidebar on the blog.  So I started this 40 odd days ago and how many points am I on at this very moment 1!  Yes 1 I have actually only fully completed 1 model and thats a test model for my deadzone enforcers!  Best pull my finger out.

Well that's it folks I'm off to get me some damm points if I ever hope to buy 7th edition 40k!


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