Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Deadzone Scenery Completed

Hi All

Yey! I've finished the first set of Deadzone scenery and I'm pleased overall with it. The photos here show it set up on the gaming mat ready for a first test game so I can learn the rules.......

I've built most of a Rebs faction to face off against my Plague team, I ran through my first game with a few bumps and mistakes and a whole lot of rules checking and I have to say it 's a great game, there's lots to it for a skirmish game, I'm looking forward to the codes first Deadzone get-together.

that's it for now, more to come as I paint the Plague strike team......



  1. Looks pretty cool, I wish my project where a like quicker like yours! Looking forward to seeing the models!

    1. Thanks.
      What are you working on currently?