Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Making a New Thunderwolf (bear) Lord

Hi All,

Doc is back to talk about my new thunderwolf mounted space wolf lord.  One problem with that statement he's actually mounted on a bear!  I'm a big fan of using alternative models to make my army stand out if possible.  So last year I went down to London and went in Dark Sphere and picked up Scibor's Celtic Lord mounted on a bear.

So as I want him for 40k I feel the weapon options that come with the model are not suitable.  Also wanted to tie him in better with the other models in the army.  So I swapped out the arms, added standard marine shoulder pads.  Next I debated the load out....

Frost Axe or Thunder Hammer.  

The gamer in me thought well might as well pay the 5 extra points and go hammer.  But the modeller in me went Axe.  Thinking about it the axe ain't bad...  +2 strength on top of the +1 for a thunder (bear) strength 7 attacks can handle most things.  He's going to pricey so not sure he will turn up for many games.  Still with a 4k game lined up against Red Mist in may he will definitely be in play for that game.

Also just mention this is my second scibor model and this one is a lot cleaner with not much flash.  The base is also sweet on this model.  I'm looking forward to getting some paint on him ahead of the game.  Anyway enough of the talk SHOW me a picture.....

I will post some pictures of the painted model in the coming weeks and the squad of thunderwolves I will be doing with him.  Also coming soon are my painted enforcers for deadzone.

Thats All Folks 

DOC out


  1. I love it dude
    That base is really nice and suits the model. Looking forward to seeing an undercoat to bring all the elements together. One thing I would consider though is the arm position. I would either rotate the left shield arm back or the right arm back as the top photo makes him look a tad unnatural positioning wise but that's just me :-)

  2. Mate
    Looking good, gonna enjoy seeing him up against Kharn.
    Blood for the blood god!!

  3. Luko, already changed axe arm, Trev gave same feedback!

  4. Yeah it's strange cos the bottom pic didn't look as bad. Top pic made it look like both arms are forward maybe it was the angle of the axe? Anyway good idea cos he will be the bomb when he's done :-) coolest alternative model I've seen for a while