Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Dreadful December - Space Marine Dreadnought Collection

This project that we started was great as it gave me impitus to get on and paint something. I have already painted 6 dreadnaughts for a previous tournament last year.
Here they are

I have 2 ironclads

2 close support dreads

And 2 long range support dreads

They were part of a drop pod list which worked surprisingly well.

The work with the dreads and the new marine codex (inc forgeworld) updates I quite fancy the salamander hq dread in a Lucius drop pod.

I have a few plans to set in motion for the upcoming Worcester War 2 in February.

The new marine codex has plenty of options so I need to sit down with a bottle of good red wine to see what lists I can come up with

See you in 2014

Grey Knight Dread - Dreadful December Complete

I don't like leaving something until the last minute but at this crazy time of year it couldn't be helped.
I have completed the Grey Knight Dread.

I generally keep a small amount of colours to a model but I have tried to make the force weapon look a little more psychic.

There is also the Dark eldar "in bits"

And finally here is the psycannon 

Here is the dread with the rest of my Grey Knight force

I have a further post which has all my other dreads for my marine army

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Dread-Full December, Waaaghh! Bluddtoof, Ork Kanz and Dreads.

Hi All

So here's my final entry into Dread-Full December; the Dreads and Kanz of Waaghh! Bluddtoof!
Hope you like 'em;

Now that that's done, time for me to start on my Grot Tanks! Huzzah!

Merry Christmas to you all and see you all in 2014!


Saturday, 21 December 2013

Dread-full December, Thunderbolts Dreadnoughts.

Hi All

Continuing with the Dread-full December theme, here are the rest of my Marine Dreadnoughts. Along with my new Contemptor these make up my 9 strong Ancients Assault Force.
Here's piccies of them all;

With Plasma Cannon;

With Quad Autocannon;

With Lascannon;

With Assault Cannon;

Fire Support;

With Multi-melta;

Ironclad with Chainfist;

Ironclad with Seismic Hammer conversion and Hurricane Bolters;

And finally the Contemptor;

And all 9 together;

As you can tell I like Dreadnoughts, I plan to build a Mortis pattern Contemptor too in the future, probably with Quad Lascannons and I have the remains of an old metal venerable left after all my recent conversion work, he'll get some new arms when I've decided what I want him to have.
As I've been touching up and converting these models recently it's become apparent how much my painting style has changed over the years since I started the Thunderbolts, how much I've improved but also how marked the changes in the GW paint range have been. Originally I used Ice Blue, now I use Lothern Blue, I'm carefully nursing my last bottle of Dark Angels Green because its' replacement; Caliban Green is totally different, when mixed with white, for highlights, it produces a much greyer tone. On the other hand Ceramite White is far superior to Skull White, giving better opacity and coverage and a much brighter finish. The brass has changed from the original Dwarf Bronze through Brazen Brass to a newer Dwarf Bronze and back to a newer Brazen Brass and is now the new Brass Scorpion. Don't even get me started on red! Suffice to say I'm now using the 3 new shades of red in layers, most notably on my Techmarines all of whom are either new builds or were stripped and repainted recently in the new reds.
So that's it for now. I'll be posting some pics of my existing Ork walkers soon as part of Dread-full December.