Friday, 13 December 2013

Nurgle Hellbrute - Dread-Full December

As its Dread-Full December I thought why not dig out one of my other dreads, well it was known as a dreadnought till they changed it to the newly named Hellbrute. This guy is one from my Nurgle Space Marine Army. It is the forgeworld dread, the first that they sculpted & I still think its a great model. It was a pleasure to paint and wasn't that difficult. The great thing about Forgeworld stuff is that the detail really speaks for itself so as long as you highlight this, it will stand out very easily. I painted off a Black undercoat & worked my way up from a dark green, to camo green, up to rotting flesh. The fungus all over the armour was quite simple to do, ochre, golden yellow, sunburst yellow with a Baal wash added precisely around the pustules. A bit of rust done around the exhausts was with various mixed washes baal red & chestnut if I recall. Anyway quite a simple tidy job that I'm fairky chuffed with.

Luko Dakka

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  1. That's nice dude. A simple paint scheme but really effective. Neat too.