Saturday, 7 December 2013

Adeptus Custodes Contemptor Dreadnoughts - Dread-Full December

Well as its christmas, its bargain time, so its 2 for the price of 1 for Dread-Full December!
These guys are for my Adeptus Custodes army (counts as Grey Knights) which I have had semi-complete for a while now.
Although they are Contemptor models, every man and his canine companion knows that grey knights always rock best with the double twin-linked autocannon in either standard or venerable flavour, give them the psybolt ammo upgrade for a measly 5pts and its S8 dakka dakka bitches!
After assembly and pinning I gave them an airbrush basecoat of Vallejo Grey Primer. I chose to spray them with Vallejo Liquid Gold. Vallejo Liquid gold is a fantastic paint although it is not an acrylic, it is made up of gold pigment floating in alcohol. You apply it, the alcohol evaporates and you are left with a very vibrant, shimmering gold. Just the ticket for the emperors finest! Anyone thinking of using it, word of warning, do not get water in it as it will instantly joke. Also a synthetic type brush is best as the alcohol can eat away your general citadel brushes. After the basecoat I gave it a thin spray varnish to seal it and then applied Oil washes. I've now just hit the highlighting stage.
So here they are WIP: -

The right dread is currently more finished than left. They both still need substantial highlighting and shading in some areas. Bases have been weathered but I need to go in and add more details to the bases. I think i'm going to add some snow so i'll probably do a little tutorial on how I do that. I also have some brass details that I may add to give them a little extra as the armour plates look a little bare, perhaps some freehand on the kneepads may help but we shall see.
I will also do a full post of the army after dreadful December draws to a close.

I'll just leave you with a sneak peak from the army

Luko Dakka

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