Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Grey Knights!

Well after a gee up from Doc on the lack of posts I thought I had better get round to telling you all what I have been up to. Well I had a great month off from modelling/painting but did a load of buying! EBay was a true friend. I picked up apoc + apoc reload rulebook and Imp armour 1 and 2 all for under 50%! Via Warseer, I bought 10 grey knight terminators (new plastic, 1 box unopened!) for £35, and 7 bikes and 1 attack bike (a bit mashed up) for £12; and finally I helped Hypa cull his collection buy taking his Ravenwing off his hands.
So what are my plans? Well I have many, but here are a few:
1.       Paint 20 grey knight paladins. This will give me a nice 1750 list along with my already painted Draigo.
2.       Bike company. The Ravenwing is a solid base, and I have a further 15 bikes (and 2-3 poor condition ones) and 1 attack bike. I have a bit to do with them and want to paint the white on the Ravenwing to yellow so it fits in with my whole chapter colours
3.       Scenery/table. I have got a game board but it is too heavy and was put together in a bit of a hurry. I want to make this up properly and a bit lighter. I also have a lot of scenery to update from my fantasy days of 15 years ago, and some new stuff to build and paint.
So I have a tournament at the beginning of July (probably the last 5th edition one) and I am taking Draigo and 20 paladins! I have no idea how it will do but I think that the best models GW have ever done are grey knight Terminators (both the 3rd edition metal and more so the new plastic ones)
So I have built 2 similar squads each with banner, apothecary 2 hammers (waiting for 2 to turn up from bits store) and 2 heavy weapons (one squad with 2 psycannons and one squad with psycannon and psilencer).
Here are some pics of them after I have sprayed them all chainmail

My next stage is to wash them in blue in (already done just no pictures) then highlight in chainmail and mithril silver. The helmets, and some armour plates will be gold and so will the weapon handles. The blades will be blue like Draigos.
That is me for now.

Necrosphinx Work in Progress

Hi All,

Ok so nobody has posted for a while.  Well the SVA and Carnage excitement has died down and now its back to reality. 

Excuses over...

Ive done a little work on my Necrosphinx, it is one huge model and feel it may take a while to get too completion.  Heres some pics in progress please feel free to comment and suggest ways to improve the finish.

1st picture is base colours and 1st line highlight on the blue stone body

2nd picture shows the completed base colours followed by a wash of the gold.

3rd picture shows: The first part of finished gold on the model for a test... burnished gold highlights and a touch of mithrill silver to pick out the edges.

Final picture shows the first wing completed as a test for the red highlighting.  Gold completed as above.

More pictures to follow when i have some more finished.

Thats All Folks.