Friday, 27 July 2012

Thunderbolts Reinforcements

So with the release of 6th ed 40k and after a 3 week battle with mail order to finally get my copy sent to the right address! I sat down to reading the new version, seems to me that it's got lots of small changes which have created an almost new game. Looks good to me.
With my marines in mind I realised that 2+ saves are now a lot better so bring on the terminators, who cares oif they can't hold objectives? They no longer have to fear weady aliens with power swords! Huzzah! A second wound would have been nice but at least it's a start.

Thus I have begun expanding my stock of terminators and here's pics of my new cyclone terminator alone and in situ with the existing squad and a librarian......

Bretonian Gallant Better Pics

Just for you Doc, some better pics of the finished Bretonnian Gallant. :))

I need to contstruct a better lightbox for taking pics in. Great! Another project added to the ever expanding list!!

Bluddtoof out.....

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Bretonnian Gallant Complete

Hi again,

So I finished my first Bretonnian knight, really enjoyed it too, it's a nice change from the usual 40k stuff I paint. Also nice to not be painting to a deadline! Here's a few piccies if the finished model;

I'm very pleased with the result, the blue is the old foundation paint; mordian blue highlighted with 3 graded white mixes, the orange is the old foundation paint macharius solar orange highlited with 3 or 4 (I can't remember!) graded golden yellow mixes, the leather tack was edge highlighted with mixes of fortress grey (also old paint range) and white and then given a brushed on coat of gloss varnish, the armour was black wash over boltgun metal with drybrushed chainmail and mithril silver over the top and the gold bits were black based first then succesive layers of shining gold, burnished gold and mithril silver highlights. (The model was undercoated in White to start).
For the base I tried for more detail than any of my previous models, (I have been told in the past that my basing techniques have let me down and don't stand upto my painting quality, so I took this on board and for my new aries I will be putting more effort into the bases). I used stone and etched brass pieces from the warhammer basing kit and middenland tufts to give the bases a more 3 dimensional feel than my previous attempts. This is on a sanded base painted with tausept ochre drybrushed up to bleached bone. The pieces of stone I painted with the same shades as handed base but then fished with a final white veil and then a wash of ogryn flesh, this has given a slightly pink hue to the nearly white stone with a marbled effect through it. Hopefully this will be more apparent on the larger models I will paint later, such as the pegasus knights who will be based on sculpted bases representin the ruins of a chapel built from marble, we'll see how it goes .....

So that's it for now, happy modeling.


Thursday, 5 July 2012

My first Bretonnian

Hello all. Haven't posted for a while and haven't painted much recently. Spent a while building my recently purchased bretonnian army (well over 4k worth of stuff for a couple of hundred quid. Hurrah for e-bay!) for a big 9k battle we at the code had a couple of weeks ago.
Finally started in on the knights tho and here are few pics of the first knights of the realm gallant.

As you can see it's coming along well. Needs some final highlights and a gloss varnish on the black leather, the device on his shields and barding, a few final details such as the horses eyes and teeth and then the base to do.
I tried the new glazes for the first time on this model; yellow glaze on the orange cloth and blue glaze on the blue cloth, both as the last coat after highlighting. Not convinced yet as to their usefulness in that role but I'll keep experimenting.
All the knights in this army will have unique colour schemes whilst my peasants will all be wearing the colours of my Lord and his house which will include all the heroes who are his sons. As I get more done I'll post pics.

I'm also about to start a goblin army too so that I can switch between the two differing armies and thus painting styles so as to keep my interest up.
More on the green terror later tho...........

That's it for now. More pics to come of the finished gallant soon.

Later Dudes


Monday, 2 July 2012

Necrons Rising

Hi Guys,

Red Mist here, I've been quite for a while, what with holidays, the football and gardening. But that doesn't mean I have been idle in the evening.

As you know DOC and myself decided to pool our Necron forces, what with GW prices the way they are, and what a good idea it has been.

 Now rising from the earth is the Royal Court, 2 Lords and 5 crypteks ready to do battle.

And what better to fight by the side of them than a rock hard destroyer lord, with a +2 armour save,  resurrection orb, toughness of 6 and now with an AP1 weapon, everyone had better watch out.

Also rising is a squad of Lychguard, with toughness and strenth of 5, AP3 weapons and +4 inv save these guys are truly kick-ass, just ask DOCs space wolves.

What's that coming over the hill, just Necron skimmers that's what, in the shape of a Ghost Ark and Annilation Barge, (photo not available)

What's next you ask well just look to the sky....

a DOOM SCYTHE, really looking forward to testing out this bad boy in 6th.

Well that's it from me for now, next project lined up, a second scythe and a certain Necron bodyguard.

Red Mist signing off.