Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Bretonnian Gallant Complete

Hi again,

So I finished my first Bretonnian knight, really enjoyed it too, it's a nice change from the usual 40k stuff I paint. Also nice to not be painting to a deadline! Here's a few piccies if the finished model;

I'm very pleased with the result, the blue is the old foundation paint; mordian blue highlighted with 3 graded white mixes, the orange is the old foundation paint macharius solar orange highlited with 3 or 4 (I can't remember!) graded golden yellow mixes, the leather tack was edge highlighted with mixes of fortress grey (also old paint range) and white and then given a brushed on coat of gloss varnish, the armour was black wash over boltgun metal with drybrushed chainmail and mithril silver over the top and the gold bits were black based first then succesive layers of shining gold, burnished gold and mithril silver highlights. (The model was undercoated in White to start).
For the base I tried for more detail than any of my previous models, (I have been told in the past that my basing techniques have let me down and don't stand upto my painting quality, so I took this on board and for my new aries I will be putting more effort into the bases). I used stone and etched brass pieces from the warhammer basing kit and middenland tufts to give the bases a more 3 dimensional feel than my previous attempts. This is on a sanded base painted with tausept ochre drybrushed up to bleached bone. The pieces of stone I painted with the same shades as handed base but then fished with a final white veil and then a wash of ogryn flesh, this has given a slightly pink hue to the nearly white stone with a marbled effect through it. Hopefully this will be more apparent on the larger models I will paint later, such as the pegasus knights who will be based on sculpted bases representin the ruins of a chapel built from marble, we'll see how it goes .....

So that's it for now, happy modeling.



  1. Tweedy, Dude in your words this is sweet, i like the white logo running throughout the model on the shield and horse tabard (if thats what it is called!) Only complaint these photos arent quite as sharp as the work in progress for some reason.



  2. cheers dude.
    probably cos i'm not a very good photographer!!