Friday, 27 July 2012

Thunderbolts Reinforcements

So with the release of 6th ed 40k and after a 3 week battle with mail order to finally get my copy sent to the right address! I sat down to reading the new version, seems to me that it's got lots of small changes which have created an almost new game. Looks good to me.
With my marines in mind I realised that 2+ saves are now a lot better so bring on the terminators, who cares oif they can't hold objectives? They no longer have to fear weady aliens with power swords! Huzzah! A second wound would have been nice but at least it's a start.

Thus I have begun expanding my stock of terminators and here's pics of my new cyclone terminator alone and in situ with the existing squad and a librarian......


  1. looking great Boss. terms are the new black for this edition

  2. Epic dude as always, my termies were all fitted out with power weapons and lightning claws because i kept dying going second!! With the boost to the 2+ save a retro fit will be iniated!


  3. with regard to improved 2+ saves, I'll be painting up my honour guard soon too.