Friday, 21 September 2012

Gobbos and Squigs WIP

Hey all.

So i've finally caved in to my inner ork and done what i said i wasn't going to do.........
.....started collecting orcs and goblins for fantasy (I have a vast space ork army of about 14k in various states of readiness). More accurately I've started collecting Gobbos, just gobbos.
When complete, this project will comprise 3000pts of goblins themed around spiders and squigs.
It's all here now in boxes and bags just waiting to be built and painted. I'll be doing bits here and there mixed in amongst all my other painting projects. So hopefully every couple of months or so I'll be posting piccies of new gobbos.
I'm trying something new here for my Gobbos; the night goblins in the army will be painted in very pail greens as I want to create the impression that they've lived underground and in the dark for generations and begun to lose the pigmentation in there skin, thus becoming a goblinoid version of albinos. (I have absolutely no idea if a greenskinned fungus based lifeform could evolve like this but hey It should hopefully look cool!). They will be mounted on and herding lovely bright red squigs to give that portion of the army a really strong contrast in its colour scheme.
So here's some piccies of the first gobbos and squigs wip for your perusal. Coments as ever are more than welcome...................



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