Sunday, 30 April 2017

Death Guard 30K Progress More Build, More Prime, More Games

Evening Folks,

Longtime no post, adopting two children will do that for you but I wouldn't change it for the world. Hobby has become my chief chill out mechanism in the last few months.

So DOC what have you been up to....  Well building first!  I have built the following:

2 Medusa's
3 Rapier with Laser Destroyers
10 MK2 Assault Marines
5 MK3 Legion Tactical Marines

I haven't taken many pictures as I go but here is one of some of the recent builds.  I really don't like the single fist up legionnaire so he is being changed.

I joked with the guys here's a picture of the primed car park......  Still haven't dialled down how to upscale my paint scheme to tanks.  Odd really as normally find tanks straight forward :-(

I also managed to have a couple of games with the army although I couldn't of been more embarrassed by the state of play using a resin coloured army.  I aim to try and move forward with this a little this year around moving house, kids and finishing the masters.  So I will need to be realistic how much I can get done.

A couple of battle shots illustrate state of play:

I had a couple of match ups with Dark Bristles and his Mechanicum.  Incredibly tough games but great fun nevertheless.  Also fist time playing on the mats we have all purchased lovely things to game on.  

Second game versus Boss Bludtoof opposite of above with me dishing out....  30K is so brutal and these were Boss's first games of 30k and he likened it to playing apocalypse for the level of destruction.  I can say you will be all in for a treat soon as Boss starts his Imperial Fist legion so look out for them coming to this blog.

Till next time when hopefully I can show you something painted up!


DOC out.....

Monday, 10 April 2017

World Eaters Army

Hey once again, I'm back with another little post to show off something I finished up not so long ago. 

Those of you that follow the blog might have seen some of the World Eaters commission army I've been working on but up until now I've not actually put the army all together for a proper photo shoot. 
Now that I've finished the main Bulk of the army, I decided to get some pics of them as a whole before I packaged them all and sent them off to an new world to eat. 

Hope you enjoy - 








I've really enjoyed my time working on these guys so am sad to see them go but I know I've still got a few bits to do for them, namely a Mastodon and some fliers so watch this space....

I'll leave you with a little peak at something I'm currently doing for a new customer - Space Hulk....


Thanks for reading! 

Until next time....


Monday, 3 April 2017

Blood Bowl – TROLL!!! (and of course some Marines)

I have finished my Blow Bowl Troll.

I am very happy with him, and I think he holds up well to the new designs of the game. I went with suggestions and I did manage to get him on a 32mm base and he looks pretty good.

Next up for Blood Bowl are the 2 new referee models.

As usual I have been pointing more marines too (a lot on fact)

First up a Landspeeder Storm

Lovely model loads of detail. I have another one to do later in the year (when I need a Storm Bringer formation)

A storm needs some scouts to ride in it


Next up some character models, I have been a bit behind in getting the new plastic marine characters.

But here is the terminator captain

 And this is the power armoured librarian with staff

Again lovely models and a pleasure to paint

I realised that my marines have very little in armoured support, so little that I could not field an Armoured Task Force formation! This has been corrected with anew vindicator

 I also have a predator on the paint table!

To try them out I had a game at the weekend. I used the Anvil Strike force for my force organisation. It was a pretty brutal game and between us we only had 5 models left. On turn 5 I was winning but I just ran out of time and shots so by turn 7 I had lost! I got some pretty tough cards and some at the wrong time, but can’t blame them.

Finally a sneak preview of a WIP for my dad’s birthday present

It has been pinned and i am happy it holds together reasonably well without any glue. Below is the test colour scheme.

Once I have the base colours done and the model assembled then i will attempt to put some vine thorns on it.

Thanks me for the moment, until next time