Monday, 10 April 2017

World Eaters Army

Hey once again, I'm back with another little post to show off something I finished up not so long ago. 

Those of you that follow the blog might have seen some of the World Eaters commission army I've been working on but up until now I've not actually put the army all together for a proper photo shoot. 
Now that I've finished the main Bulk of the army, I decided to get some pics of them as a whole before I packaged them all and sent them off to an new world to eat. 

Hope you enjoy - 








I've really enjoyed my time working on these guys so am sad to see them go but I know I've still got a few bits to do for them, namely a Mastodon and some fliers so watch this space....

I'll leave you with a little peak at something I'm currently doing for a new customer - Space Hulk....


Thanks for reading! 

Until next time....



  1. Beautifully done - that's a great looking force!

  2. Looking good DB wish I had seen the world eaters in flesh I have seen the broodlord and I loved the skull transitions on the base simple and effective. I also like the classic stealer look