Monday, 3 April 2017

Blood Bowl – TROLL!!! (and of course some Marines)

I have finished my Blow Bowl Troll.

I am very happy with him, and I think he holds up well to the new designs of the game. I went with suggestions and I did manage to get him on a 32mm base and he looks pretty good.

Next up for Blood Bowl are the 2 new referee models.

As usual I have been pointing more marines too (a lot on fact)

First up a Landspeeder Storm

Lovely model loads of detail. I have another one to do later in the year (when I need a Storm Bringer formation)

A storm needs some scouts to ride in it


Next up some character models, I have been a bit behind in getting the new plastic marine characters.

But here is the terminator captain

 And this is the power armoured librarian with staff

Again lovely models and a pleasure to paint

I realised that my marines have very little in armoured support, so little that I could not field an Armoured Task Force formation! This has been corrected with anew vindicator

 I also have a predator on the paint table!

To try them out I had a game at the weekend. I used the Anvil Strike force for my force organisation. It was a pretty brutal game and between us we only had 5 models left. On turn 5 I was winning but I just ran out of time and shots so by turn 7 I had lost! I got some pretty tough cards and some at the wrong time, but can’t blame them.

Finally a sneak preview of a WIP for my dad’s birthday present

It has been pinned and i am happy it holds together reasonably well without any glue. Below is the test colour scheme.

Once I have the base colours done and the model assembled then i will attempt to put some vine thorns on it.

Thanks me for the moment, until next time