Thursday, 5 July 2012

My first Bretonnian

Hello all. Haven't posted for a while and haven't painted much recently. Spent a while building my recently purchased bretonnian army (well over 4k worth of stuff for a couple of hundred quid. Hurrah for e-bay!) for a big 9k battle we at the code had a couple of weeks ago.
Finally started in on the knights tho and here are few pics of the first knights of the realm gallant.

As you can see it's coming along well. Needs some final highlights and a gloss varnish on the black leather, the device on his shields and barding, a few final details such as the horses eyes and teeth and then the base to do.
I tried the new glazes for the first time on this model; yellow glaze on the orange cloth and blue glaze on the blue cloth, both as the last coat after highlighting. Not convinced yet as to their usefulness in that role but I'll keep experimenting.
All the knights in this army will have unique colour schemes whilst my peasants will all be wearing the colours of my Lord and his house which will include all the heroes who are his sons. As I get more done I'll post pics.

I'm also about to start a goblin army too so that I can switch between the two differing armies and thus painting styles so as to keep my interest up.
More on the green terror later tho...........

That's it for now. More pics to come of the finished gallant soon.

Later Dudes


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