Sunday, 1 December 2013

Code40k Presents a Dread-Full December (A Special Event No Less!)

Hi All,

Doc back to announce our special event for December 2013.   Throughout this month members of the code have pledged to build and paint Dreadnoughts of all shapes and sizes.  So hence the play on words a Dread-Full December.  Expect to see Contemptors, Orkie things, Decimators, Space Marine Dreadnoughts and Chaos Hellbrutes.

We the code contributors have a request of you the readers?  Whats that I here you cry?....  Well simples as the Meerkat would say...At the end of the month all of the finished dreads will be posted and we would ask simply that you vote for which Dread you think is best!  As a thank you for helping us complete our internal paint off, one lucky voter will win a mystery prize from CodedesignsUK. No it wont be a speedboat when you live in Birmingham and drive a Nissan Micra!  (Cant beat a bit of Bully). 

I will post a voting post at the end of December to allow everyone to cast their votes on which is the favourite Dread.  Until then enjoy the Code members showing off their work in progress dreads.

So being as I'm announcing our Special Event and it is day 1 of the Dread-Full December here is a sneak peak of the first of my two entries into the competition:

My Pre Heresy Death Guard Contemptor build commences........  I will post further updates of this and my other entry (which will be kept secret for now!).

That's all Folks


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