Sunday, 10 March 2013

Blood for the Blood God!!!!

Hi Everyone,

Red Mist here, as you know I've been quiet for a while now, but that doesn't mean I've not been busy.

Once again, in two weeks, the code40k guys are traveling down to Reading for SVAXIII and we all love a bit of SVA.
What to take this year? 
Well after a short think I fell back on my first true love.... Khorne Chaos Marines. 

So with a bit of TLC and some new bases and banners behold 'Harkan The Slaughterer' with his loyal, or is that underhand, champions.

As my fellow geeks on the code know, I love terminators, so what better than two squads.

The Brotherhood of Khorne...

and the Brotherhood of Iron...

Backing them up and providing some firepower a Veteran  Iron Warriors squad... 

I love the Chaos Boon Table, pity then that nobody that I play ever excepts a challenge, you know who you are...

So I need  a Daemon Prince and a Spawn, just in case Chaos blesses me, one way or another.

A couple of years ago fellow blogger and scratch builder genius Hypaspist built two, yes two, warhound titans for an apoc game. Once the  smoke had cleared one passed into the loving care of Brother toonboy78.

The other a smashed, ruin scattered across the battlefield fell into the hand of my dark warpsmiths. Now two years on arise INDATOR MORTIS 'The Death Bringer' Titan of Khorne.

Look out SVA death is coming... and his name is Khorne!!!!

Red Mist signing off


  1. You can rebuild him.. Better, Faster, Stronger...

    Army looks great mate! looks like it's going to be a lot of fun, and terminators are like cakes or beer, 1 (squad/cake/pint) is never enough!

    Loving the Warhound also, great to see it up and running again, you bring a tear to a filthy immigrants eye! looks like I'll be there in spirit after all!

    Give em HELL!


  2. Dude. that is a fantastic refurb you've done. looks really good. well done!

  3. So the Dark Angels have finally revealed their true colours.
    Great work I think I'll have to pick up a paint brush, I'm feeling left out.

  4. Looks mint bud and fairplay for getting all the stuff done on that note best carry on with the cultists.