Friday, 1 March 2013

Da Doom Fortress Cometh

Hello All

After a hectic spate of kustomisation, Big Mek Grubnutz has completed yet another mighty war machine for Waaaggghhh! Bluddtoof, and Da Boss is most pleased.
This model started out nearly 10 years ago as a lowly battlewagon, though having said that I did get a little carried away and it was far too big, having a 3rd set of wheels making it nearly 18" long!
I immediately chopped it down to 2 axles and produced a battlewagon about 12" long, open topped with rokkit launchas, bolt on big shootas a death rolla and a decent passanger capacity.
It was still too big for standard games and the few times I used it it did poorly so I decided to convert it to a battle fortress for use in Apocalypse games, so I fitted an ard case in the form of the corugated roofs and walls and gave it 3 big guns in the form of a kannon, zzapp gun and lobba all in turrets. In this guise it took to the field in a few apocalypse games and was much enjoyed.
Now with SVA XIII looming I decided I wanted a Tanka mob in my apoc list for the weekend so after perusing the Kustom Battle Fortress entry in Imperial Armour Apocalypse II I've retro fitted it with an all new Hull Mounted Supa Kannon and turret mounted Kill Kannon and Big Zzappa, along with a pintle mounted twin linked big shoota.
Here's some piccies...

Future plans for Da Doom Fortress are some grot sponsons and removal of some of the corugation on the flanks to allow fitting of grot bombs or supa rokkits! Mwahahahahahahahaha!!
Next up will be the dakkajet which I'm currently working on....



  1. Tweedy,

    Nice job dude i love the orky zannyness just needs a banner saying "da boyz dont go to ground"

  2. When I saw the two grots shoveling coal, I suddenly couldn't help but hear the Thomas the Tank Engine theme in my head!
    Look forward to seeing it in action at SVA!